Millie Hogue

Name and title.

Millie Hogue,  Senior Business Strategist

Start date at Acorn.

February, 2018

Where did you grow up?

Northwest Arkansas

How do you spend your time away from work?

My favorite thing to do after work is read, preferably with coffee, at the library, with a buddy. 

Your favorite place in the world.

I've been to some incredible places, but my favorites are always determined by the people in them. 

Fun fact about yourself.

On occasion, I do long distance swim races. The last one I went to was a 10k ocean swim that was cancelled the morning of the race due to a bad storm. I was with a couple of friends, and since we'd travelled all the way there and trained, they wanted to at least swim a mile or two. We got in, met up with a few hardcore guys in the water, and the next thing I knew, we were wrapping up the whole 10k. Did we finish it? Yes. Was it safe? That's highly questionable.