Chase Gorgas-Coonrod

Name and title.

Chase Gorgas-Coonrod
Account Manager

Start date at Acorn.

February 15, 2021

Where did you grow up?

Gentry, Arkansas

How do you spend your time away from work?

While I am not working, I enjoy spending my time utilizing creativity. Flowers, gardening, painting, glue guns; they are all a part of my everyday life.  I also enjoy staying active with my husband and two dogs. We love to spend time on the NWA trails and exploring the world, anytime we can. 

Your favorite place in the world.

My favorite place in the world would be anywhere I can feel salt in the air and the rays of the sun kissing my skin. My family has been avid beach goers my whole life. From Jamaica to California, I have spent much of my time with my toes in the water across the globe. 

Fun fact about yourself.

I am self-diagnosed OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder). Currently I house 22 fake Christmas Trees ranging from 4 feet to 9 feet and about 65 tubs of Christmas Decor in my attic. This does not account for the two closest full and the 173 (and counting) rolls of wrapping paper we have collected. I find joy in the holiday season and getting to use my creativity to bring my wildest Christmas dreams to a reality through decorations. I also currently have one full closet of Christmas inspired outfits. From shoes to tuxedos to sweaters and beyond; it is my objective to wear these outfits the whole month of December to bring a smile to anyone and everyone. Though the magic of Christmas, I believe that with a servant's heart, I can really help in making others feel joy, even if it isn't the best of times.