Why Influencers Should Focus On Niche Blogging

Being a paid influencer is a dream job for many, but with saturation in the market, it's become very difficult to stand out. In this article we explain how focusing on a niche can help bloggers succeed.  

First, ditch the pipe dreams

There's no secret formula for turning your blog into a paid influencer gig. But, if you put in the work, and commit to a long-term strategy, there's a chance you can become a paid blogger

How Niche Blogging Offers Newcomers A Path To Success

Most successful bloggers today belong in one of two groups: 

1. Long-time bloggers who have published consistently on one website for several years or more.

Blogging has been a part of the internet since its early days with some blogs already over 20 years old. These long-time bloggers have produced a wealth of articles, refreshing cornerstone content over time to rank amongst the top searches on Google.

2. New bloggers who established their brand more recently but blog consistently on a niche topic.

Obviously, it's difficult to compete with brands who have established themselves over a long period of time. So, rather than trying to build an audience in general topics like "fashion" or  "makeup" bloggers can select a niche topic such as "City Fashion For Women Over 40". 

Is Niche Blogging Restrictive?

Nope! If you feel compelled to write about what you wore on your trip to the countryside, write about it! Niche blogging just means you have a focus, but it shouldn't restrict you. If you believe your audience would be interested in reading this article it's still relevant to your blog.

How To Select A Niche

1. Pick A Topic You Enjoy

If you don't write about something you find enjoyable you will get burnt out fast. Becoming a paid blogger requires consistency and long-term persistence. Read any of our influencer spotlights and you will see that each one spent years writing before they made it their full-time job.

2. Conduct Market Research

Do some background research on a list of potential niche blog topics. Google Trends uses its data to show a graph of interest in a topic over time. Use broad topic terms to get the best results. Here's an example:

"Dairy free" is still too broad a term to target. We know this because when we Google "dairy free", we see that are over 5 million results and the top ranking pages are celebrity-chef Jamie Oliver's website and Vegan.com. (Two established sites that are impossible to compete with as a beginner.)

To narrow down into a niche you need to look at Google's "People Also Ask" section and the related search terms at the bottom. While still popular, these keywords are often more targeted and offer insight into your audience's thought process.
So, to target a niche audience we need to narrow down further using Google Adwords Keyword Planner to help us discover topics. Tweaking our search terms to discover ideas, we uncover that dairy free foods are searched often and not highly competitive keywords.

3. Discover Your Blogging Style

Before getting started you should research influencers who are living your dream today. Go back to their early days and pay attention to the content they published, how they interacted with their audiences and how their brand has evolved over time.

You Will Become A Thought Leader

Ultimately, your goal should be to become a thought leader in your space. People trust the opinion of a thought leader because you've established yourself as an authority on your chosen subject.

Just remember, no leader is made overnight; It takes time to become a thought leader. Invest in creating quality content that helps your audience and you'll be on your way to becoming a recognized influencer.

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