The 6 Essential Values Acorn Uses To Win Influencer Marketing

Any company can create values, but if they uphold them in everything they do, that’s when business magic happens. Acorn’s values guide every decision we make as a company, impacting everything from how we hire our employees, to the post-campaign gifts we give to our influencers.

Our values help us to win influencer marketing

Acorn is in the business of relationship building. Our values are a constant reminder of how important relationships are to our core business. When we work by our values we are one step closer to winning influencer marketing. When we receive positive feedback from our customers, and influencers, we know we have already won a small piece of the market.

But why stop there?

Our values were built to last the evolution of our company, so as we continue to grow, we will keep true to the values we created for Acorn on day one.

So without further ado, let’s dig into the Acorn values.

The 6 Essential Values Acorn Uses To Win Influencer Marketing

Meaningful Relationships

We enable meaningful relationships between brands, influencers and their audience. But it’s not enough to have a network of influencers. You need to match the right influencer to the right campaign.

Many influencer agencies do not hand-select influencers for campaigns, they allow the fastest influencer to get into a campaign. This is not a qualitative method for running campaigns.

Acorn’s influencers are hand-selected for campaigns that fit their brand. This protects the relationship influencers have with their followers and promotes campaign success.

Listening To Understand

With so many people involved in an influencer campaign, it’s important to provide a smooth experience for all stakeholders. Ongoing communication throughout the campaign ensures continual alignment with our client’s goals.

Keep It Real, Keep It Simple

Influencer marketing should not be stressful for influencers or brands. Behind a campaign are real people sharing your brand’s story with engaging content. Acorn handles the complexities of influencer marketing with simplicity and humanity.

Care, Really Care

Our influencers and clients are like family. Fresh coffee, handwritten notes and Acorn Kisses are a normal part of how we do business.

Keep Moving

Measuring success is a critical component of our process. With defined KPOs, our analytics dashboard provides ongoing insights into how our influencers are connecting and engaging with their audiences.

Celebrate The Art of Storytelling

People connect with stories, not logos. Our influencers have an irresistible urge to share, connect & record life’s moments with content. We encourage this passion by pairing them with opportunities to tell new stories.