Social Media Updates Roundup - July 2018

It's so important for marketers and bloggers to stay on top of all the latest social media updates. Competition between the social networks is fierce and as its biggest users we benefit from using their latest innovations. 

To make things easier we compile a monthly list that showcases the biggest changes and sort them by network. Now there's no excuse for falling behind!


We don't often include Reddit in these lists, but lately the popular site has been taking steps toward becoming more of a social platform.

Adding Chat Rooms to Boost On-Platform Enagagement

According to Wired, who interviewed the VP of Product at Reddit, users are increasingly looking for new ways to engage around real-time topics. Their answer is to revive chat rooms, where people can enjoy back-and-forth discussions in a user-friendly environment. 

"The company has been testing the feature with a small group of communities and plans to roll out to the rest of Reddit at the end of this month. Think of it like a community center for a subreddit: It creates a space to talk without pretense, to bring discussions beyond the comment threads, or simply hang out with strangers online." - Wired


Augmented Reality Ads For Users To Virtually Try Products 

Earlier this year Facebook announced that it was working with businesses to test augmented reality in messenger. Now you can expect to see a similar experience in your News Feed with select advertisers testing AR ads.

The feature will enable users to "tap to try it" from the main image. When tapped, users can place a digital version of the product onto their image using the Facebook camera so they can see how they look. If you like it, you can then tap through on the ad to make a purchase.

Highlights For Facebook Stories

Having released the highlights feature on Instagram, the Facebook team is now testing to do the same with Facebook Stories. 

“People have told us they want a way to highlight and save the Stories that matter most to them. We’ll soon start testing highlights on Facebook – a way to choose Stories to stay on your profile, making it easier to express who you are through memories.” - Facebook


'Reactions' Style Emojis For Instagram Stories

Facebook has seen great success with reactions, both in posts, live video and now Stories so it's natural that they would want to explore adding this feature to Instagram.  The new response tool was spotted by a user and shared by Matt Navara

Interestingly, there's no 'angry' reaction like there is on Facebook. Instead we have the clapping hands, laugh crying face, heart eyes, shock face, sad tear face and fire. These emojis may be changed as the team tests this new feature on Instagram.

Instagram Launches Question Stickers In Stories

“Add a question sticker to your story by selecting it from the sticker tray after taking a photo or video. Type out your prompt then place it wherever you’d like and share it to your story. When friends see the sticker, they can tap it to reply - and they can reply as many times as they want, right from the sticker.” (Instagram)


Related Hashtags In Trending Topics

According to Social Media Today, Twitter will start showing connected topics on their "Trending Topics" listings, making it easier for users to discover related content housed under multiple hashtags or topics.

Twitter Account Removals 

Did you lose a significant number of Twitter followers recently? You're not alone, even Katy Perry lost 2.8 million from her audience. This month Twitter announced that it was removing "tens of millions" of fake and inactive accounts, impacting the follower count of many Twitter users.

Dock Videos For Multitaskers

Now if you're watching a video on Twitter you'll be able to dock it, so you can keep enjoying your timeline at the same time. Currently live on Android devices. Tap on the dock option at the top right of the screen to minimize your video but keep it playing as you scroll. 

Promoted Trend Spotlight Ads

Twitter is testing a new featured called "Promoted Trend Spotlight ads"". These ads are a big visual banner equipped with a GIF or image background featured atop Explore for the first two times you visit that day before reverting back into the Trends list.

"The Promoted Trend Spotlight ads are bought as an add-on to the existing Promoted Trends ads that are inserted amongst the list of Twitter’s most popular topics. When tapped, they open a feed of tweets with that headline with one of the advertiser’s related tweets at the top." - TechCrunch


Options For Exporting Spectacles Content

Snapchat has released an update that enables Spectacles owners to share their content in more formats including Circle, Square, or Widescreen. In a move meant to encourage people to purchase Spectacles, this update means footage can now be used across other platform including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or wherever else you'd like to share your content.

Users Can Purchase Items On Amazon By Snapping Them

This as yet unreleased feature would reportedly allow Snapchat users to scan, identify and purchase an item simply by using their smartphone's camera. The "Visual Search" engine, code named "Eagle" links users to Amazon listing directly from the app. 


Group Collaboration Tools

“Launching on group boards, now you can have conversations with the other members of your board with the new group activity feed.” - Pinterest

Users can keep track of new Pins added to the group and new member activity. The conversation is restricted to the group, helping you plan events or share interesting Pins privately.

One-Click Saving from Desktop

“Instead of having to click the Save button and pick a board, now you only have to click once to save. One-click saving works on Pins you see in search results, your home feed or following tab.” - Pinterest

Pinterest also added a drop-down menu of your boards that appears on any Pin you hover over for quick organizing. It'll even predict which board you want to save a Pin to!