How To Pair Pinterest’s Pin Collective With Your Next Influencer Campaign

Last week Pinterest announced the launch of the ‘Pin Collective‘ – an initiative to connect expert content creators with brands. The move is one that will help brands develop standout content worth pinning, and drive sales. But one thing the Pin Collective does not do is grow your audience.

What the program does include is a new personalized experience that will help consumers better identify with a brand’s products. The Burberry case study from August 2016 proves the benefits of Pinterest’s new capabilities:

“To get a personalized board, customers are invited to sign up to the Burberry Cat Lashes Mascara Pinterest experience via a short questionnaire. This questionnaire will be promoted through Burberry and Sephora social media posts and Promoted Pins to drive a high level of engagement. Powered by the Pinterest API, the results from the questionnaire and the user’s information are combined to create a customized board that is different for every user.” – “Burberry partners with Pinterest to create a customized beauty experience”, Pinterest

There’s no doubt that the Pin Collective will help brands generate quality content that is personalized for their audience. But getting the audience to see the content is the first half of the struggle.

In this article we’ll touch on the benefits of running an influencer campaign alongside the Pin Collective. You will reach your audience, enhance brand awareness, and personalize their experience with this two-sided approach.

Tapping Into The Influencer Network

Influencer marketing agencies recruit people who have large audiences to create content for a brand. Influencers are not just picked for their audience size, but on various factors that include the following:
They’re also very topical, and are able to speak directly to the consumer, without the usual sales strings attached. They also create content that their audience enjoys viewing, and reading. Most influencers have a blog where they generate long-form content, and social channels where they share links & photos from their blog.

Nurturing Mutual Interests

Influencers generate their audience by creating content that people are interested in consuming, and sharing. The followers share mutual interests with the influencer, such could include cooking, parenting, fitness, and other hobbies or occupations.

If a brand recruits a parenting influencer, with a large audience, they can be sure that the content this influencer produces will resonate with their followers.

Connecting Your Influencer Campaign To The Pinterest Pin Collective

There are a couple of ways your brand can mix influencer marketing with content from the Pin Collective:

  • Brands can mix the evergreen content from influencers with the content from the Pin Collective. This will guide the audience of influencers to your curated Pinterest boards.
  • Brands can also partner with influencers to promote Pin Collective content, whilst also creating new, engaging content for your target consumers.
  • Many influencers are also talented photographers, who can provide inspiration for your content with the Pin Collective. You might even want to repurpose influencer content for your next Pinterest campaign.

Next Steps: Pinterest Influencers

Before you create content with the Pin Collective ensure you brand does its due diligence in researching alternatives. Acorn Influencers have created content that was repurposed for digital, and print campaigns by large Fortune 500 brands.