Why Micro-Influencers Are An Effective Part Of Marketing Campaigns

By now most marketers are aware of the benefits of influencer marketing. According to a survey of 272 marketing managers in Q1 2017, influencer marketing is the fastest-growing online customer acquisition method. It surpasses organic search, email, paid search, display advertising, and affiliate marketing.

Why is influencer marketing so successful?

Influencer marketing owes its success to everyday people who are sharing life’s moments with the public on social media. These micro-influencers have built an audience with content that provides some value to those who follow their blogs, and social accounts.

Research from Nielsen has shown that shoppers trust recommendations from friends, and family above any traditional advertising. Micro-influencers build trust with their audience over time and so when they make a product recommendation it is treated like a recommendation made by a friend.

How Micro-Influencers Deliver Maximum Engagement

A survey, which analyzed 2 million social media influencers, showed that Instagram influencers with less than 1000 followers have a “like” rate of around 8% while Instagram influencers with an audience of between 1000 – 10000 followers have a 2.4% “like” rate. Influencers with a 1 million – 10 million follower range see a 1.7% “like” rate.
Influencers with an audience size between 1,000 and 10,000 followers, are called “micro-influencers” but the results they drive are far from micro.

Micro-Influencers Don’t Over-Commit To Paid Content

Influencers need to maintain their followers trust to create effective content. It’s equally important for influencers to publish content that is NOT paid, to offer the most authentic experience for their followers. Nobody wants to feel like badgered by advertising.

The best micro-influencers select paid opportunities that fit their already established brand. This results in better content engagements for the campaigns they do.

Micro-Influencer ROI

Why would a smaller audience generate higher engagements? The secret is in the relationship between the influencer and their followers. When an influencer has a follower size between 1k and 10k they can respond to comments, and understand what kind of content they want to see far better than when their audience size numbers in the millions.

The audience of a micro-influencer are also more likely to share mutual interests with the influencer, and with each other, than a larger audience of millions. It’s important to nurture these mutual interests so that the content stays relevant and the audience remains engaged. So brands who want to drive long-term customers through influencer activation should pick micro-influencers who are already aligned with their campaign before being picked.

Next Steps

To next steps to kicking off your influencer marketing campaign will be unique to your business’ specific needs.

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