5 Ways Micro-Influencers Drive Long-Term Customers To Your Brand

There’s nothing micro about micro influencers. So why do we use the term “micro” to describe this subset of influencers?

Compared to Kim Kardashian, who has 81 million Instagram followers, or Zac Efron (19.9 million IG Followers), only a fraction of influencers have an audience of millions.

But did you know that audience engagement decreases with the growth of your audience size?
“A survey of 2 million social media influencers by influencer marketing platform Markerly showed that for unpaid posts, Instagram influencers with fewer than 1,000 followers have a like rate of about 8 percent, while those with 1,000 to 10,000 followers have a like rate of 4 percent.” – Digiday
The sweet spot for maximum impact, according to Markely, is an Instagram influencer with a following in the 10,000 to 100,000 range. This is who we define as micro-influencers.

Activating micro-influencers for campaigns is a relatively new marketing tactic, so it’s not uncommon for marketers to be wary of using their precious budget dollars on such a campaign.

To drive more awareness to micro-influencer success, we’ve put together a list of 5 ways you can drive long-term customers to your brands with a micro-influencer run campaign.

1. Influencers Focus On Delivering Quality Content Over Growing Audience Size

It might seem counter-intuitive to pick an influencer with thousands of followers over hundreds of thousands. But trust us, and the studies, and pick influencers who consistently produce quality content.

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, the content published by good influencers are often ever-green, and repurposable for future brand campaigns.

2. Micro-Influencers Don’t Over-Commit To Paid Content

The audience of a micro-influencer is more likely to pay attention to their content if they don’t feel like they’re being bombarded with advertisements.

FTC regulations mandate that an influencer discloses compensation. If #ad is in every piece of content they publish, their audience are unlikely to want to engage with them in the future.

Micro-influencers who are choosey offer a more authentic experience for their followers. This results in better content engagements for the campaigns they do with select brands.

3. Favor Engagement More Than Reach

Valuable influence can be measured in a variety of metrics but none are more important than tying content to ROI for your campaign. Impressions don’t tell you much, and can be exasperated by bots or deliberate miscalculation. Click engagements (comments, shares, favorites) prove the content has garnered a reaction from the audience.

4. Nurture Mutual Interests

The audience of a micro-influencer are more likely to share mutual interests with the influencer, and with each other, than a larger audience of millions. It’s important to nurture these mutual interests so that the content stays relevant and the audience remains engaged. So brands who want to drive long-term customers through influencer activation should pick micro-influencers who are already aligned with their campaign before being picked.

5. Give Something Back To The Audience

Influencer content isn’t just a photo, or a tweet, it’s more than that. The reason why an influencer grows an audience is because they’ve given something valuable back to the people viewing their content. Whether it be inspiration for their own lives, a recipe, or mere entertainment, the audience is getting something each time they interact with an influencer.

So if a trusted influencer suggests a product, the endorsement alone has a better chance of creating a new customer for your brand, than any other advertisement.

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