How Last-Minute Influencer Marketing Could Save Your Campaign

No marketer ever wants to do something at the last minute, but let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. Unforeseen circumstances force us into making quick decisions, and before we know it we’re scrambling to explain the results.

At Acorn we don’t like highlighting campaign mistakes but they happen more frequently than most marketers would care to admit. There’s quite a bit of research that goes behind developing a campaign strategy but sometimes they just don’t work.

In retrospect it’s easy to point out the mistakes of a campaign, because they’re often mistakes that other brands have made in the past:

  • Unprepared for negative reactions
  • Alienates target demographics
  • Confusing messaging
  • Insensitive messaging
  • Boring messaging
  • Faulty products

The list is possibly endless, but let’s not dwell on failure, let’s focus on success.

What do you do if you don’t have much time and success seems out of your grasp? Turn to a strategy that is known to work, is affordable and is fast.

How Fast Can You Put Together A Successful Influencer Campaign?

Most influencer marketing campaigns work in conjunction with other outreach strategies including print and online advertising. If you’re working with an influencer agency, the activation of an influencer campaign is one of the fastest (and most effective) methods of outreach to your consumers.

The average time it takes to activate influencers depends on the size and complexity of the campaign. In our experience, an influencer campaign on average takes between 4-6 weeks to launch. If a brand trusts the agency to manage all aspects of the influencer campaign it’s generally a faster process.

In one instance, Acorn Influence has put together and launched a campaign overnight that leveraged an opportunity for a major CPG brand. Mommy bloggers were tasked with producing content for this brand at a time when the category was receiving heavy attention in the press.

What’s The Difference Between DIY & Agency-Run Influencer Marketing?

Functionally both operate in the same way: Influencers are activated to create sponsored content for a brand, sharing that content with their audience on social channels and blogs.

The difference is in focus, time and money. Marketers who have a strategy in place and simply need further outreach shouldn’t need to do the extra legwork of a campaign. The work needed to launch an influencer marketing campaign is the full-time jobs of several people (that’s why influencer marketing agencies exist!)

When brands have in-house influencer networks they often realize (too late) how time consuming the venture is in conjunction with their other responsibilities.

The benefits of agency-run influencer campaigns:

  • A Large network of influencers who are already selected with an algorithm based on performance and history as an influencer.
  • A network that is broad, tapping into several niches that include and go beyond mommy and food bloggers
  • An agency monitors the influencer’s track record of producing quality content, meeting deadlines, maintaining a large natural audience, and delivering quantifiable value to brands.
  • Relationship-focused: Answering questions, maintaining trust and working alongside influencers to keep them happy and excited to work on campaigns.
  • Using an industry-leading social listening platform to measure the efficacy of all Acorn campaigns.

How Can Last-Minute Influencer Marketing Save Your Campaign?

Unlike other marketing strategies, an influencer marketing campaign run by an established agency is one of the fastest and effective methods for last-minute outreach. Whether you’re looking to spend those final budget dollars or need a new method for reaching your target audience, influencer marketing is fast becoming the go-to solution for digital marketers.

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