What Kate Middleton Can Teach You About Being A Successful Influencer

As the wife to a Prince who will one day be King, Kate Middleton’s fashion choices have always been in the spotlight, but her influence just got bigger.

A recent survey by Rakuten Marketing, revealed that the Duchess is the most influential fashionesta in the UK, with 29% of the public vote.

It’s arguable that if Kate had not married Prince William she would not be an influencer, and nobody would pay much attention to her fashion choices. But, she did, and her audience is at the global scale of celebrity fame.

Being famous doesn’t mean you immediately become a fashion icon; In an alternate reality, this article could easily be about how Kate’s fashion choices cost her being an influencer. So what is it about Kate Middleton that has women over the world copying her outfits?

The “Kate Middleton Effect”

The Kate Middleton Effect refers to the phenomenon of Kate’s outfits, and accessories, selling out in stores the instant she’s seen wearing them in public. When Kate wears a local designer it means immediate success, and fame; The choice is seen as an endorsement.

One of the biggest challenges Kate faces by being an influencer, is not just the fashionability of a piece, but also whether it’s ‘appropriate’ for whichever event she is attending. Many considerations are made before an item is worn: the purpose behind the event, the audience, the weather, and the culture.

When Kate and William visited India, in early 2016, wore Naeem Khan, an Indian American fashion designer for her visit to the Taj Mahal.

In her first visit to Canada, Kate seamlessly blended British and Canadian pieces as a nod to the local designers of Canada, and to her homeland.

How To Keep Your Audience Top Of Mind

Influencers should always keep their audience top of mind, when considering their next piece of content. Asking the following questions can help ensure that the content is interesting, and useful for the target audience:

  • “Who is my audience?”
  • “What message am I sending?”
  • “What am I hoping to achieve?”
When influencers work on a campaign, they should feel comfortable representing that brand, because it puts the relationship at risk if the endorsement does not hold up for their audience.

Doing a little bit of research before accepting the responsibility of recommendation helps the influencer to always keep their audience top of mind.

Kate, and undoubtedly many assistants, ensure the brands they select are ones that match the considerations of the event. It would certainly tarnish Kate’s reputation if she showed up to a solemn wreath-laying memorial in an outfit that did not suit the occasion.

So too should influencers consider whether what they do fits their own personal brand. If it seems out of place, it probably is, and might need to be reconsidered.

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