[Infographic] 5 Ways To Boost Your Brand Loyalty For 2017

CPG companies face increasing pressure to deliver an experience for their products that go well beyond usability. But in order to create an emotional tie between a brand, and its consumers, businesses first need to consider the status of their customer’s brand loyalty.

We’ve created an infographic to help marketers focus on the areas that affect greatest change when boosting brand loyalty for their brand.

How to Measure Brand Loyalty


Brand loyalty indicates the faithfulness of consumers to one brand. A loyal consumer will continue to purchase the same brand over competing brands, regardless of price, competitive offers, or a crisis.

How It’s Measured In Online Conversation

Brand loyalty can be measured through a consumer’s experience with a product via surveys, focus groups, and online conversation. Whilst collecting this data, you can use metrics from loyalty programs, email campaigns, and sales data, to get a full view of how your brand fares within your category.

Key Moments to Measure

Brand loyalty is especially indicative during campaign monitoring and product recalls. From conversation, marketers can see whether brand loyalty is holding up or wavering, based on new circumstances surrounding a product.

Focusing on Brand Strength In 2017

In 2017 brands in the CPG world will struggle to build a strong case for brand loyalty when coupons, and cheaper generic alternatives, appeal to the growing number of savvy shoppers.

Deloitte University Press predicts that by 2020, “Emotional ties to national brands will likely decline due to growing consumer discontent with large companies’ perceived values, coupled with increased consumer focus on personal health, the environment, and social impact.”

Establishing The Right Partnerships

Building brand loyalty is never the sole responsibility of marketers. Often influencers who work on campaigns are already advocates, and are more than willing to spread the good word on behalf of your brand.

The infographic below lists several ways marketers can build a strategy to make 2017 their best year for brand loyalty ever: