5 Things Influencers Should Know About Instagram Live Video

2016 has been a huge year for our favorite social media networks. You can check our comprehensive list of changes right here, but before you do that, let’s talk about Instagram Live Video.

Some useful tidbits:

  • Instagram Live Video is currently only available in the United States. (Sorry Canada)
  • The new live feature was released on 12 December 2016
  • The update is being rolled out slowly, if you don’t see the feature in your app make sure you’re on the latest version of Instagram, otherwise you might just have to wait a little bit longer.

What’s The Big Deal?

Live video is nothing new – Facebook has had great success with the feature, Twitter released their version earlier this year, and Snapchat was a pioneer back in 2014. So why should you stream live on Instagram?

Instagram is the second most engaged network after Facebook thanks to 60% of its users who log in to the app every day. (Global Web Index)

If that is not enough, influencers will be interested to learn that 90% of the top 100 brands in the world have an Instagram account. (Simply Measured)

To make life easier we’ve compiled a list of things you should know about Instagram Live Video before you get started. Here it is!

5 Tips To Get Started With Instagram Live Video

1. To Start: Swipe into the Stories camera mode and tap on the Live button

Tap ‘Live’ at the bottom of the screen, then tap Start Live Video. Some of your followers will be notified when you start a live video.

2. Users can “like” and “comment” on an Instagram Live Video

You’ll notice that the number of viewers appears in the top right of the screen, and the comments appear at the bottom. Tap “Comment” to add a comment, and tap and hold a comment to pin it to the top so that viewers can see it better.

You also have the option to turn the “comments” feature off.

To finish a live video tap End in the top right corner and then “Confirm”.

3. Get creative by drawing on your live video

Instagram Live allows you to draw on your video with a variety of colors. You can also add emojis!

4. You can choose to stream your live video in public or private mode

Whether you want to share your private moments with family and friends, or stream to the public, Instagram gives you this choice when using the live video feature.

5. Live videos disappear when you’re done recording

Unlike Facebook where your live video is saved, and published, as a regular video in your feed, Instagram Live Video disappears once you’re done. We’re willing to bet this won’t last long! But for now that’s what’s happening to your video.

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