Influencers: How To Build a Stronger Relationship With Your Audience

As an influencer, the relationship you have with your audience plays a vital role in your success. The more you know your audience, and the better they know you, the greater chance you have at turning content into sales for the brands you service. It’s what sets influencer marketing apart from other forms of advertising, and why brands are flocking to influencer agencies for help in running their own campaigns.

Here are just some of the benefits of a strong influencer-audience relationship:

  • Confidence & trust in your recommendations
  • More conversions and returns from your sponsored/paid content
  • Greater campaign opportunities
  • Increase in word-of-mouth & press attention, which leads to audience growth
Creating a bond with your audience doesn’t happen overnight, but with these daily practices you will be well on your way to creating lasting trust and respect with your audience.

Don’t put paid opportunities above the trust of your audience

Only publish content that fits your brand, and is interesting to your audience. Most influencers have a specific niche that helped them build their audience, whether it be fashion, food, family, or something else, and content that fits this niche resonates best.

While taking on all paid opportunities is tempting, in the long-term it could hurt your brand, and affect the number of opportunities you receive in the future if your content doesn’t reach the expected campaign results.

Respond to questions & comments on your social media page

Human interaction is what turns followers into an audience.

When you frequently respond to questions and comments on your social media pages, and blog posts, your audience will feel more personally connected to you, and will come to value your opinion above advertisements.

Create unsponsored content frequently

Too much sponsored content and your brand can quickly turn into every other advertisement. To retain the relationship you’ve built with your audience, and protect your brand’s authenticity, ensure that you’re still creating lots of unsponsored content. (It’ll also keep you motivated and innovative!)

Regularly host live stream videos and interact with your audience

There is nothing more rewarding than chatting face-to-face with the people who see your content and respect your opinion. Thanks to smart phones and social media it’s never been easier to start broadcasting live to your audience, and having important conversations about what you know best.

Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and innovations. Communicating with your audience via virtual reality might be in your future!

Always follow FTC regulations

Following the FTC rules for publishing sponsored content actually plays an important role in your influencer-audience relationship. Nobody likes to be tricked by someone they trust, which is why it’s important that every influencer ensures that their audience is 100% aware that your content is sponsored if a brand is compensating you.

Read about the latest FTC warning here.

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