Influencer Spotlight: Cindy Fan

Cindy started working on TipBuzz in 2016 as a way of sharing her love of food through the magic of video tutorials. Her goal is to create recipes that are fun and easy to make with creative accents. TipBuzz has over 1 million fans on Instagram and Facebook.

What inspired you to start a blog?

I’ve lived in different countries including Japan, China and Canada and really enjoyed those food cultures. I went to local cooking schools and learned some really cool tricks, and all those experiences inspired me to share what I’ve learned with my fans. I never expected TipBuzz would grow so fast, and it’s been an amazing experience!

How do you come up with new content ideas? What’s that process look like?

Food is like fashion. It’s an ever-changing space and understanding trends is so important. I spend a significant amount of time on social media every day to see what’s trending and what people are talking about. I also travel to different countries every year to get new ideas from popular restaurants and local friends. Since many of my recipes are original like Cinnamon Roll Apple Rose Tart, I’ll test in the kitchen before shooting photos or videos and it can take several trials to get it perfect. Whatever the idea, it’s has to be visually appealing as a photo, a video, or ideally both!

Beautiful photography plays a major role on your site. When did you learn to use a camera, and what’s your number one tip for taking great photos? 

I learned photography while living in Tokyo eight years ago as a way to shoot Japanese flower arrangement (ikebana) that I’d been learning. Photography has since become one of my passions, and keeps improving with practice. In order to shoot great photos, there are many elements that need to come together. For me, my top tip is to understand how light works. The quality and direction of light is very important to me, as it creates a particular mood that can evoke different reactions from viewers. Light also helps create depth and texture in an image. I love using natural light, and also work with artificial light at times.

When partnering with a brand how do you incorporate their product into your content?

While each brand is different, I always want to understand a brand’s values, product features and visual style. What have they done that’s worked, not worked, and where can I push the envelope? Then I can subtly weave what I’ve learned into my photos and videos to tell a compelling story that my fans will love.

From your point of view, what draws audiences to your social media and blog? 

My fans come to TipBuzz for creative recipes with an engaging visual experience. I also remind my audience that you absolutely do not need to be a professional chef to make delicious and beautiful food! We’ve got 15-minute recipes like our Apple Pie Tacos that are extremely popular. This approach has helped TipBuzz to grow rapidly on social media. 

What is your favorite thing about being an influencer? 
My favorite thing is to be able to connect with my fans. They are my inspiration, and I feel fulfilled when so many people watch my videos and make my recipes each day. 

What advice can you give to aspiring bloggers or social media influencers? 

In the early days, it always takes some time to build traffic and a following. I still remember when I almost gave up on Instagram when I had just a few thousand followers 18 months ago and growth was slow. Once my content was discovered, everything came together and growth skyrocketed. So my advice is to stick with it, post regularly and keep creating great content. That can also mean taking creative risks by getting out of your comfort zone sometimes. The rest will follow.

How do you see blogging and influencer marketing evolving in the future?

Blogging and influencer marketing have been growing fast over the past few years, and I believe it will continue to grow rapidly as more brands discover its potential. People are choosing to spend their time on mobile devices, so marketing should naturally shift that way. At the same time, audience expectations keep rising, so influencers delivering higher quality content will succeed.

Lightning Round

What’s your favorite social media network, and why? 
Instagram is hands-down my favorite platform because it works so well for the highly visual content I produce. It doesn’t hurt that it also has the highest engagement rates of any social media network. 

Favorite place in the world? 
I used to live in Tokyo and absolutely love their esthetic style and high quality. A French friend of mine claims the French pastries in Japan are better than in France! 

Favorite season? 
Spring is my favorite because of warmer weather and fresh ingredients – thinking spring fever already! 

Skill you wish you had. 
I wish I could speak French and experience the amazing food and culture like a local! 

Skill you have mastered. 
I’ve mastered the art of videography for short-form recipe tutorials ranging from desserts to main courses, appetizers, drinks and beyond. It just comes naturally. 

Greatest wish. 
I’d love to live in France to be able to taste all the wonderful food and learn more French cooking techniques!

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