Why Your Influencer Outreach Strategy Is All Wrong (And How To Fix It)

Your brand will never see the benefits of influencer marketing if you can’t get the right influencers on your campaign.

Influencer outreach is a sensitive process that requires time, attention, and dedication. They are essential to creating lasting relationships between influencers, their audience, and brands.

But the allure of engagement, and sales, often blinds marketers, and sometimes agencies, to the key driver of the campaign – the influencers. It’s important that we all realize how problematic this attitude can be to the bottom line, and fix it.

This article will detail the common mistakes brands make when engaging with influencers, and what steps they should take to improve their outreach strategy in future campaigns.


If you had the world’s biggest budget, and hired the most followed influencers on social media, your campaign could still fail.


Because influencers are not the sum of their engagement and reach.

Here’s how to spot a great influencer for your campaign:

  • Their audience matches your target consumer
  • They produce content that sparks conversation
  • They take extra care to publish HQ images
  • They already use your brand or follow your brand on social media
  • They are active across all the big social networks
  • They have a niche audience who shares their content

And yes, they should have an organically large audience.

At Acorn our influencer outreach strategy is to hand-select influencers for a campaign, rather than have them bid on it. That way we maintain confidence in the performance of our vetted influencers.


An agency who manages the influencer-brand relationship should be ensuring that all parties are aware of important details. A campaign can get messy very fast if the influencers don’t know what is required of them.

Here’s your mini checklist:

  • Negotiate & settle compensation within budget
  • Clearly outline campaign needs in a contract
  • Also cover legal matters in the contract
  • Assign a primary contact for influencer questions
  • Manage awareness and compliance with deadlines


Influencer marketing is a cost-effective solution that brings greater returns than other digital marketing strategies. It’s been proven to outperform banner ads, for example, and is becoming the preferred method for marketing new product launches.

Brands who have not engaged in an influencer activation are often taken aback by the cost of influencers. But the return has brands flocking back to agencies for one campaign, after another. With many agencies, and brands vying for their work, it is important to compensate good influencers fairly so they have an incentive to continue working with your brand.

Outreach, and recruitment is a time intensive, and costly process, so it’s extra important to keep your influencers happy, and coming back!


Authentic influencers are a key part of your influencer marketing strategy so it’s important to treat them with respect. The relationship between influencers and brands extends beyond the end of a campaign. Content published by good influencers are often repurposed in banner ads, print or in-store.

We often stress the importance of fostering relationships with influencers. They put their personal brand at risk to be the face of a brand’s product. It’s important that their reputations are protected, and their experience with the brand is a positive one.

Happy influencers are more engaged in campaigns, and are willing to go beyond what was contracted. That’s why at Acorn Influence we compensate fairly, and send our influencers handwritten thank you notes and gifts. A small kindness goes a long way!