How To Do Influencer Marketing The Right Way

Every influencer marketing agency has its own way of doing things. At Acorn we’ve been perfecting the process for years, and we believe that the way we do influencer marketing is the right way.

Our process guarantees genuine results that our clients can proudly present to their bosses. We also offer customization for each campaign, which means our clients can be part of the process every step of the way.

Acorn selects the right influencers,

who are the right fit for your brand,

to create the right content,

at the right time,

in the right place.

We recently explained how Acorn does things a little differently when it comes to recruiting and selecting influencers. The post outlined the process of recruitment, from how we build our network to how we select the right influencers for a brand’s campaign.

We invite a select group of influencers from our network to participate in a campaign based on a variety of factors – the biggest of which is deciding whether they are the meet the requirements set by Acorn, and the brand.

Most influencer marketing agencies allow the fastest influencers to apply to a campaign when it is open. This doesn’t allow for quality control. While all influencers have an audience, and are vetted by our team, picking the RIGHT influencer for the RIGHT campaign is essential to driving results.
Our clients work hard to develop campaigns that will reach their target audience, and drive a sales lift. Before campaign kickoff, Acorn works closely with brands to ensure everybody is aligned on goals, KPI’s, strategy, execution, and timeline.

Acorn then creates a plan that expands beyond the traditional influencer blog post, and encompasses all social channels as well as real-time posts, Pinterest boards, aggregator sites, and full analytic & audience insights reports.

At Acorn we endeavor to select influencers who are right for the brand.

The influencers selected for each brand’s campaign meet the requirements set out before kickoff, are aligned with the strategy, and have a deep understanding of what the brand needs.
Every influencer who is part of Acorn’s network creates compelling content that attracts a niche audience.

An influencer grows an audience because they’ve given something valuable back to the people viewing their content. Whether it be inspiration for their own lives, a recipe, or mere entertainment, the audience is getting something each time they interact with an influencer.

However, to see a worthwhile return from an influencer campaign, not just any content can be published, it needs to be the right content.

A campaign that needs to reach a certain demographic, on a certain channel will perform better if we select influencers who already publish content that reaches that target demographic on the right channel.

It sounds obvious, but unfortunately many influencer agencies prefer to open a campaign up to a bidding war, rather than doing the due diligence of selecting the right influencers.
Timing is everything when it comes to an influencer campaign. Everything we do is custom, so it’s essential that our turnaround is flexible, and reliable. The process we’ve developed is well oiled, which means if a client has an urgent need, our team can quickly step up and deliver results.

Acorn also has established partnerships with a digital media company, and audience insights company to deliver in-depth data, insights and results to our clients. We’re used to working within our clients deadlines to ensure that the influencer campaign can be easily integrated with concurrent campaigns being run by other teams.
Most influencers perform best on particular social networks. This doesn’t mean that they’re not influential, but rather that their content appeals to specific audience, in a specific place.

Sometimes the clients we have need influencers to create content on a particular channel. Pinterest, and Instagram, for example, perform well when paired with food-based campaigns. The visually stunning content requires a certain level of photography, and design skill. When working with brands who have specific channel requirements, we ensure that we are selecting influencers who perform very well on those platforms.

Next Steps

Acorn Influence has had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest, and best, brands in the world. Our case studies page features examples of how influencer marketing is providing true ROI for agencies, and brands alike.