Why Influencer Marketing Is A Popular Investment For Brands

Influencer marketing is not new. If we peel back the layers of technology we will find the same marketing tactics humans have used for a long time. People trust people they know. Influencers have established their audience by earning the trust of their followers. They do this by publishing interesting content, sharing personal stories, and above all, by being helpful.

So, if influencer marketing isn’t new, why is it gaining popularity amongst brands as a method for earning revenue?

Until very recently it was difficult for marketers to reach the right audience, at the right time, and with the right content. There was a chasm between brands and their customers. Advertising on the TV, radio and the internet could only be targeted with survey research, and product testing. Consumer trust was built slowly through word of mouth, and it took time for a brand to earn their reputation.

It’s no accident that influencer marketing has become one of the most popular investments for brands. These are some reasons why it’s a valuable strategy:

Influencer Marketing Cuts Through The Noise

While it’s easier than ever before to spread a brand’s message to the world it’s much harder to have your message heard. The noise of social media has made it almost impossible for a brand to break through the endless stream of content and reach their target audience.

Influencers usually don’t have the same audience size as a brand, but they do have a large following of people, who actively seek out the influencer’s content.

Brands who work with influencers don’t need to cut through the noise with their advertising. They can use influencer marketing to share their products with their target audience, with the help of influencer advocates.

Influencers Bring Fresh Ideas & Renewed Creativity

Influencer marketing involves a brand hiring a group of influential people to share content about a brand’s products. The brand handles the messaging, but the influencer must make the content. Talented influencers interpret the messaging for the brand in a way that is interesting to their following, but still follows what the brand wants to share with their target customers.

Influencer Marketing Generates Actionable Big Data

Influencer marketing agencies like Acorn are using data analytics to collect insights from campaigns. Brands are going beyond impressions and engagement metrics, to look at who is consuming their influencer campaign content. Demographic, and psychographic data is collected to better understand the brand’s target audience.

Influencer Marketing Is An Affordable Investment That Yields Results 

Influencer marketing benefits brands long after the end of a campaign, which makes it an affordable investment, with measurable results.

Types of Influencer Marketing Returns

Influencer marketing success is not limited to financial returns. There are in fact several ways that brands can benefit from running a campaign with influencers: Increased brand awareness, Expanded Reach, SEO boost, Evergreen content, Budget surplus, and new ambassadors.

Social media sharing helps build off-the-page SEO. Key influencers with large social followings can boost brand content to the top of search engine results.

Acorn also partners with digital media agencies to use influencer generated content in paid media campaigns. Together the teams closely monitor the usage and analytics of the content being used in ads. Results have shown that Acorn’s content significantly outperforms non-Acorn media for store promotion, and in one case study lifted sales by over 4%.

Next Steps

Acorn Influence has had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest, and best, brands in the world. Our case studies page features examples of how influencer marketing is providing true ROI for agencies, and brands alike.