How To Keep Your Brand Safe From Influencer Marketing Scams

"How do I keep my brand safe?” is a question well worth asking because it could save you millions. Unfortunately, fraud can be found in every industry and influencer marketing is no exception. 

Fake Followers, Fake Engagement, Fake Accounts

An expose published by the New York Times revealed that one company had created 3.5 million fake social media accounts and sold them as fake followers. The bots were a mix of stolen identities and fictional people. 

To land endorsement deals with popular US influencer marketing platforms, all these scammers had to do was create an account, fill it with stock photos, and pay for fake followers and engagement.

What Can The Social Networks Do About It?

Brand safety is of the utmost concern to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, who have had to endure their fair share of controversies. They have teams of people committed to finding and disabling fake accounts on their platforms. As users we can flag accounts we think are breaking their terms of service. 

But it’s up to brands and influencer agencies to do their part in validating the influencers who work with them.

So, how can brands keep their influencer marketing campaigns free of scammers and fraudsters?

Work With An Influencer Marketing Agency You Can Trust

Building a network of validated, tried and tested influencers requires a team of experienced people. 
Influencer marketing agencies like Acorn have perfected the process, using algorithms to identify up-and-coming influencers, hand-selecting the right influencer for each campaign, and managing expectations throughout the campaign.

To protect ourselves from adding scammers to our network we validate and authenticate each influencer’s audience to ensure it doesn’t comprise of bots or paid social followers. We also look at the history of content published on their blog and social media accounts. 

Only after we are 100% satisfied of their authenticity do we extend an offer to work on a campaign.

Before working with any influencer marketing agency ask them about their verification process and how they keep brands safe from scams. If they don’t have a satisfactory answer, it’s not worth the risk. 

Acorn Takes Brand Safety Seriously

Interested in working with Acorn but want to learn more about how we ensure brand safety? Our team would love to talk with you! Use our contact page to get in touch.