How To Find Qualified Influencers To Win Marketing’s Busiest Season

October 1st marks the beginning of Q4 and the busiest time of the year for brands. There’s no doubt that the pressure to hit revenue goals will keep even the best marketers up at night.

Preparation is key, but even the most thought-out strategy can be the wrong one for your brand. So how do you ensure that you’re getting the most out of your budget investments during the holiday season?

Double down on proven strategies to boost Q4 results.

Re-evaluate where your budget is being spent and shift resources so that you’re maximizing return from your target market.

Influencer Marketing Is Tried, Tested & Proven

In 2015 Schlesinger Associates conducted a study on the impact of influencer campaigns for brand marketing:

Take Your Influencer Strategy To The Next Level

Now that marketers are using influencers to boost engagement, it’s time to take influencer marketing to the next level. Here are some questions you need to ask about your current influencer strategy:

  1. Can our influencers reach the right audience?
  2. Do we feel like our dollars are being effectively maximized?
  3. Is our message being lost in a stream of other sponsored posts by our influencers?
  4. Have our influencers lost touch with their audience because they do too many campaigns?

Let’s take mommy bloggers as an example.

Walmart mommy bloggers have the audience number and the retail affinity, but are they getting the engagement you need for your campaign? Not anymore.
You need influencers who have a stronger affinity with their audience. You can specify that an influencer focuses on Walmart in a campaign, but you can’t specify that an influencer target an audience they do not have.

Select Category-Level Influencers To Deliver ROI

Category-level influencers are experts in their field. A true influencer does not just promote a product, they know how to take your product and use it in surprising ways. Watch this incredible time-lapse video produced by influencer Sugar Bee Crafts:
Great content like the video above is often “ever-green”, which means it generates returns well beyond the end of a campaign. A contract for 10,000 engagements could easily grow into hundreds of thousands over time.

Authentic engagement is more important than impressions because it keeps the spotlight on the product and continues to familiarize consumers with your brand. In the age of the eight second attention span engagements show genuine interest in the content.

Acorn Puts The Humanity Back Into Influencer Marketing

Acorn Influence works with a talented network of influencers who are recruited using our proprietary identification algorithm. They might be moms, but they are also keen photographers, strategic marketers and above all else, creative content producers.

We use an industry-leading social listening platform to measure the efficacy of all Acorn campaigns. Unlike other influencer marketing agencies we don’t falsify metrics. Any influencers caught fabricating engagement is immediately removed from our network.

We only work with qualified influencers, which means they have a track record of producing quality content, meet deadlines, maintain a large natural audience, and deliver quantifiable value to brands.

It’s important not to let your brand fall behind during the busiest time of the year. Our network of genuine influencers want to advocate your products to their audience. Let Acorn level up your influencer strategy today.