How To Create A Memorable Hashtag For Your Next Campaign

Have you ever wondered if a bad hashtag is hurting your campaign? You should.

While a hashtag is not the focus of your campaign, it plays a key role in its success – a bad hashtag discourages engagement. (And that is the last thing you want!) A good campaign hashtag needs to have certain characteristics if it’s to help your campaign succeed.

There is a big difference between your personal Instagram #iglife hashtags, and the hashtags you want to use for your brand’s next product launch.

This article will teach you the differences, and outline some of the biggest considerations you need to make when creating your next campaign hashtag:

Why Your Hashtag Should Be Short

Often, a campaign hashtag needs to be used across social platforms, who all have their own rules about maximum content length.

The 140 character limit of Tweets means that the optimal length of a hashtag should be far less than the maximum characters allowed by Twitter.

#WhenYourHashtagLooksLikeThis it’s difficult to read, and takes time to decipher. It also takes time for the writer to capitalize the first letter in every word. Long hashtags can get even more confusing when the writer doesn’t capitalize the letters, which means #yourhashtagwilllooklikethis.

Short hashtags should be easy-to-read in one case, and short enough to fit into a Tweet.

Why Your Hashtag Should Be Memorable

Hashtags should never be the focus of the content. They are tags created to help people navigate their way through content on a busy social media site. You wouldn’t create a 100 character tag for your blog, so why would you do it for a social media post?

However, a hashtag should be relevant to your brand, and the marketing campaign you have launched. You cannot rely on a person to mention your brand, or your product, in conjunction with a hashtag. Try to make your messaging as clear as possible.

The most memorable hashtags are often the most adopted, and if the purpose of a campaign is to boost brand awareness, high hashtag engagement is a big win.

Why Your Hashtag Should Be Unique

You might have a great hashtag, but if it’s already being used by someone else, or has been used by your brand before, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to measure the efficacy of your campaign. Remember, hashtags are # and a tag. The tag is your analysts key to collecting conversation for your specific campaign.

Think of the crawlers

When crawlers collect the content published on social media, they are told to look for a specific word. That word is your tag. The crawlers bring back the tagged content, so that an analyst can measure engagement, reach, sentiment, demographics and more.

Imagine the sea of content we would collect if we sent crawlers out to find the tag “america”! That’s why it’s very important to make your hashtag unique.

One is better than two

Sometimes brands need to use two hashtags for one campaign because the agency tracking the specific campaign needs to understand the impact their part of the campaign has collected. This can be difficult because it takes up precious character space, and is sometimes redundant.

A new hashtag for each campaign push helps analysts collect accurate information that your brand can use for future campaigns.

Next Steps: How To Generate Your Next Hashtag

Some hashtags go viral, and others fall to the wayside, forgotten forever in an ocean of Tweets. So what’s the secret to a good hashtag? Brainstorming! Don’t use the first hashtag that comes to your mind. Brainstorm, test the hashtag on Twitter, on your team, and amongst people whose advise you trust.

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