How Brands Can Repurpose Influencer Content To Generate More ROI

Whether your marketing budget is small or large, it’s always a good idea to make your efforts go a long way, and that is more possible than ever with influencer campaigns.

Content produced by influencers during a campaign can be used again throughout the duration of your product campaign, and might even be worth using in perpetuity if it fits your brand’s overall image.

Repurposed influencer content increases the value you get from your campaign, and has been proven to drive further sales.

Before you get started on your next campaign here’s what you need to do to make repurposed content part of your influencer marketing strategy:

How To Repurpose Your Influencer Content And Generate Extra Value From Your Campaign

Get The Right To Reuse Content Before It’s Published

Influencers retain the rights to their content, however brands can stipulate in their contracts with influencers to have exclusive rights to use the content for a certain period of time (or indefinitely.)

If the contract says nothing about ownership or intellectual property rights, then the influencer has the copyright on that content and all rights associated with the copyright.

You can create a new contract to buy or lease the content rights if it wasn’t stipulated in the original contract but it’s best to save yourself some time and think of this before you start your campaign.

Plan How You Will Repurpose The Content Before The Influencer Campaign Starts

With an influencer campaign plan and contract in place you should know how you will repurpose your content before it is even published.

The following are some ideas you might try, but remember to think outside of the box, and A/B test any content you publish with in-house content. (This will help you take content to the next level in future campaigns)

  • Print
  • In-Store Ads
  • Social Media
  • Testimonials
  • Digital Ads
We’ll dive into a couple of these marketing tactics to explain how repurposed influencer content can push the needle further and drive ROI.

Social Media Repurposed Influencer Content

In February 2017, BlogLovin’ conducted a survey, which asked marketers how they repurposed influencer content after a campaign. The results, posted below, revealed that 74% published the content on their brands’ social media platforms, and 36% for paid ads on social.
Publishing content from an influencers, beyond the end date of the campaign, helps the brand reach a new audience, and continue to engage the influencer’s audience who enjoy seeing the brand promote their photos, videos and posts.

Print, Digital & In-Store Ads

Acorn partners with digital media agencies to use influencer generated content in paid media campaigns. Together the teams closely monitor the usage and analytics of the content being used in ads. Results from a/b tests have shown that Acorn’s influencer content significantly outperformed non-Acorn media for store promotion, and lifted sales by over 4%.

Influencer content performs so well because it resonates with their audience. The influencers know exactly what kind of photos, messaging and videos work best with the target audience, because they have spent time developing a strong relationship with their followers.

Next Steps

Acorn Influence has had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest, and best, brands in the world. Our case studies page features examples of how influencer marketing is providing true ROI for agencies, and brands alike.