How Acorn Pulled Off Its First Office Olympics (For Under $30)

We’re a company made up of highly competitive people who have a passion for watching the Olympics. So with Rio Olympics fever high it seemed like a good idea to organize our very own office olympics!

When you’re a start up like Acorn you get very familiar with the team you work with every day. It’s important to work hard and have fun. Activities aren’t just a mood booster. They help break up the day or the week so you don’t get stuck in a work rut.

Once I brought the idea for the 2016 Acorn Office Olympics to our team it quickly grew into something better than I could have ever imagined. Although we played as individuals the success of the events was a team effort.

So how do you pull off an office Olympics?

First you send out invites. I created this with Canva and the Acorn company logo.
the acorn olympics
Then when you get the okay from your boss you buy the medals.

I got some great ones from a local party store. This entire week cost our company just under $30. We bought 12 medals for (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and a 99 cent paper Olympic torch. I stuck some Acorn stickers on the back of the medals.
the acorn games

Day 1: The Scavenger Hunt

To organize the first of our office olympics games I searched Pinterest. From office olympics to office games, I found a lot of fun (and weird) ideas. I finally settled on a version of Office Scavenger Hunt Riddles.
people doing scavenger hunt
Our team had to solve 10 riddles and find 10 office supplies before everyone else. I gave them a plastic shopping bag to hide their items so people wouldn’t be tempted to cheat, and pens to write down the answers to the riddles.

Day 2: WPM Test

This one was an easy one and fairly self-explanatory. The difficult part was finding a website that would allow us to take the WPM Test and log our results so I didn’t have to hover each computer and take the scores.
people on laptops
After some Googling I found 10FastFingers where you can create private WPM games with a scoreboard if your players set up a free account.

Day 3: Cornhole

This game combined with our first semi-regular company drinks at a local brewery. It was basically 100 degrees and we were dripping in sweat by the end but we had drinks and laughed a lot at some of the more ambitious members of our group.
team collage
With 12 people playing I created a bracket where we had players face off in a mini version of Cornhole before the winners proceeded to the next round. It was fun, quick and easy. (I already owned cornhole so this game was free too!)

The Costume Contest

On the final day of our games some of our team wanted to dress up to represent their countries. To reward their efforts we had our Operations Coordinator choose the best dressed for the day.
team costume contest

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