5 Goals To Set Before Starting Your Next Influencer Campaign

Based on goals outlined by our clients before campaign kickoff, Acorn measures the success of a campaign with post-campaign reporting, metrics and performance measurement.

Influencer campaign goals often play a role in achieving high-level business and sales goals. Because influencer marketing is relatively new, marketers are still figuring out how to link their campaign goals to their other marketing efforts.

This article will explain some of the more common goals our clients set before they start their influencer campaign.

It’s important to note that it’s best to start small, with highly targeted goals that match your tactics. For example, it wouldn’t make any sense to include coupon redemptions in your strategy if your business model doesn’t support coupon sales.

Read through the influencer campaign goals listed below and discuss them with your team, and campaign manager to choose goals that work for you.

Goals To Set Before Starting Your Next Influencer Campaign

1. Determine which social networks you want to target

For some brands, a big marketing push on one or two social networks is important for campaign that targets a specific demographic. Take Snapchat, for example, whose predominant users are under the age of 25. Creating a Snapchat influencer campaign means the brand will reach young people on that platform.

Setting a goal to focus the influencer marketing efforts on a specific platform, will help influencers better understand your campaign goals, which will help to generate targeted results.

2. Set your impressions & engagement goals

To measure the effectiveness of a campaign, you should have a specific goal in mind, and make this goal known to the agency or team helping you run the influencer campaign.

Impressions are the number of times your content is delivered to someone’s feed. This number can help marketers determine the effectiveness of the campaign, illustrating whether the content is being seen by the influencer’s audience. Impressions are best used to measure brand awareness.

If brand awareness if the ultimate goal, a brand might want to reach a certain number of likes or page visits (both engagements) from a campaign.

If a brand wants to connect a campaign directly to sales, they can measure clicks from links to their product landing page, or measure how many coupons are downloaded as a result of social media publicity.

3. Outline measurable brand awareness objectives

Influencer campaigns are one of the best tactics to use when trying to improve brand awareness. Goals for improved brand awareness might include:

  • Hitting a certain number of social media impressions
  • Brand mentions (tagging the official brand page, or posting the website url)
  • Giveaway with content sharing & tagging to be entered in the draw

4. Leads & Sales Goals

  1. Coupon redemptions
  2. App downloads
  3. Contest entries 
  4. Paid media campaign ROI
Acorn also partners with digital media agencies to use influencer generated content in paid media campaigns. Together the teams closely monitor the usage and analytics of the content being used in ads. Results have shown that Acorn’s content significantly outperforms non-Acorn media for store promotion, and in one case study lifted sales by over 4%.

5. Boost SEO

Influencer marketing benefits brands long after the end of a campaign. Social media sharing helps build their off-the-page SEO. Key influencers with large social followings can boost your brand to the top of search engine results.

Learn more about how influencer marketing can boost your brand’s SEO and thus improve visibility of your brand on search engines like Google and Bing.

To make this your goal for influencer marketing ensure that all the influencers you work with understand the basics of SEO, including keywords, site optimization, and quality content (with tagging).

Next Steps

Acorn Influence has had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest, and best, brands in the world. Our case studies page features examples of how influencer marketing is providing true ROI for agencies, and brands alike.