How To Get The Best Influencers Working On Your Campaign

Identifying a good influencer from a bad one is a task that marketers don’t have time to do. That’s why brands use Acorn to activate, manage and analyze their campaigns.

But whether it’s an in-house or agency-run influencer activation, marketers should know how influencers are being chosen for their campaign. At Acorn: The Influence Company, we’re committed to only working with the best influencers, and we think this should be industry standard.

What Do You Mean By The “Best”?

Just because a person has a large audience doesn’t mean they’re the best influencer to work on your brand’s campaign. Of course follower count matters, but a good influencer agency doesn’t let that be the only defining factor.

Using a combination of a proprietary sorting algorithm and hand selection, we pick our network of influencers with the following attributes and qualities in mind:
Qualities of the Best Influencers

High engagement

This is important because it’s key indicator of campaign success. The number of engagements each piece of content gets is a metric that measures how many people found the content interesting enough to engage with it. (Likes, favorites, comments, retweets, repins and shares all fall into this category.)


Our influencers have an irresistible urge to share, connect, and bring together moments in their lives. They are proud of the content they create, the connections they make with their audience, and the results they deliver to brands.

Quality content

Influencers we’ve worked with have produced jaw-dropping content that rivals the quality of work made by marketing teams backed by multi-million dollar budgets.


We love working with influencers who are excited to be part of our network. That means responding to our emails and generally being contactable for the duration of the campaign.


We continually check that our influencers are still publishing content and interacting with their audience. The best influencers let you know if they’re not able to commit to a campaign.

Meets deadlines

Campaign guidelines are very strict so we want to know that our influencers can meet their deadlines each and every time. If you work with a professional influencer this is never a problem. Acorn influencers always go beyond content requirements because they love working on brand campaigns are a group of awesome over-achievers.

How Do You Keep The Best?

Influencers who are passionate about their work also deserve to be compensated for their time and effort. That’s why we pay our influencers.

The content they produce doesn’t just exist during the campaign, it often becomes evergreen content that continues to gain attention for months. Brands, happy with the quality of the work they saw from influencers, have even repurposed their content in paid advertising campaigns.
Shout out to Katy from @acorninfluence for this sweet gift! Absolutely love partnering up with y’all! #acornkisses
— Adriana Renee (@AdriianaRenee) June 7, 2016
Obviously no influencer agency or brand wants to lose the best influencers in the world. So, along with payment, we show our appreciation to our influencers with relevant post-campaign gifts and handwritten cards called “Acorn Kisses“.