Generation Z Facts & Stats Marketers Need To Know [Infographic]

To prepare for the next wave of shoppers marketers need to know as much as they can about Generation Z.

Generation Z already wields $44 billion in spending power, a number which will continue to rise as they reach adulthood. (Retail Touch Points) Born between 1998 and the present, Generation Z are the first post-millennial generation who were born into a world with mobile technology and social media.

To effectively sell to the new generation, marketers should learn who make up Gen Z, where they currently shop, and spend their time. It’s the most valuable buyer persona study businesses can conduct for future campaign success.

We’ve compiled some important facts and stats about Generation Z into an infographic, which you can view, and share below. To learn more, scroll below the graphic to find further details.

Further Info: Generation Z Facts & Stats

100% Internet Usage

Wikia conducted a study in 2013 that revealed every participant was connected to the internet for at least an hour a day. The insight to take away from this statistic is how important it will be, going forward, for this generation to stay connected with family, friends, and the world using the internet. Businesses not investing in online marketing campaigns will miss vital opportunities to reach their target consumers.

YouTube Is Their Most Visited Social Platform

YouTube is fast replacing television as the primary method for Gen Z to learn about life skills, follow their favorite celebrities, and access general entertainment. Its appeal isn’t hard to see – like Netflix it provides instant value on demand and is viewable on the go. [Motivate]

They are Multiethnic

This generation will be more ethnically diverse than any other that have come before it. The Census Bureau estimates that by 2020, 50.2 percent of children under 18 are expected to be part of a minority race or ethnic group. This will be reflected in their upbringing, values, and shopping choices.

Next Steps

There is nobody who understands Generation Z like the influencers who count them as part of their audience. (Some influencers are even part of Gen Z themselves!)

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