[Infographic] 7 Outcomes That Demonstrate Influencer Campaign Success

“What does success look like to you?”

This is a common question employers ask candidates during interviews. It’s also a question we need to ask ourselves every day to effectively execute our work. At the financial level we want to see our invested dollars return to the business with a surplus. But sometimes the path to those dollars is not as straightforward as the answers we give in interviews.

Measuring the ROI of a digital marketing campaign can be tricky. The path to purchase is not straightforward, and sometimes even consumers don’t know exactly how they first heard about a brand.

How Can You Measure Influencer Campaign Success?

Thanks to social listening, and big data tracking, we are able to measure the value brands get from influencer campaigns. Using metrics including impressions, engagements, and total media value, influencer marketing generates 11x greater ROI than traditional advertising efforts.

Influencer marketing success is not limited to financial returns. There are in fact several ways that brands can benefit from running a campaign with influencers. The infographic below shows 7 outcomes that demonstrate influencer campaign success:

Next Steps

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