How To Boost Your Halloween Sales With Influencer Outreach

It’s the end of August, which means 2 months until Halloween, one of the best non-holidays of the year.

Every year we’re reminded how much money consumers throw into Halloween celebrations. In 2015, total Halloween spend was nearly $7 billion, which roughly equated to $74.34 per person. Surprisingly, most of the money spent on costumes are for adults, not children.

There are so many ways Americans celebrate Halloween: escorting trick-or-treaters, hosting a spooky dinner, handing out candy or attending a costume party. Brands and retailers have ample opportunities to supply revelers with halloween-themed products.

But with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas, around the corner how can you budget your dollars to succeed in your Halloween campaigns?

Bolster Your Campaign With Influencer Outreach

By now most digital marketers are aware of how beneficial influencer outreach is as a marketing tactic.

Influencer outreach has the power to free your brand from the noisy space of advertising, and instead bring it into valuable consumer conversations.

When conducting influencer outreach, marketers are often unsure about the tactics and measurement of this new form of brand marketing. It’s scary to put your brand into the hands of strangers who have a sizable audience made up of your consumers.

Influencer marketing is relationship-based but the trust now lies between the influencer and their audience, rather than between the marketer and consumer. This added middle-man (or woman) has spent many painstaking time building the relationship between themselves and their audience.

When an influencer chooses to work with your brand on a campaign it’s because they personally believe in your product. To do a campaign without knowing it will be positively received by their audience could risk destroying the trust they’ve built with their followers.

The reaction we see after a brand’s first influencer campaign is one of relief and excitement – influencer outreach successfully puts your brand in front of the right people without any drawbacks.

Influencer-Inspired Halloween Ideas

Brands who don’t have the resources to build an internal blogger network turn to influencer agencies to run the campaigns on their behalf. Influencer agencies, like Acorn: The Influence Company, have a vetted network of influencers who have been tried-and-tested on brand campaigns.

The kind of content that is produced by influencers will stun you with their quality. The content you see below was for a real campaign conducted last October. See how these 3 influencers put their own unique twist on the products they were given to show their audience:

How Does Influencer Marketing Boost Your Sales?

The content looks stunning, yes, but you want to know how influencers turn this content into dollars for brands.

The success of influencer marketing can be measured using a variety of metrics, which grows with the ever-innovating technology available through social listening capabilities.
Influencer campaigns can measure reach (how many times someone saw a piece of content), engagement (clicks, comments, shares) and compare the total media value received from a campaign compared with previous marketing campaigns. We can also collect insights about these metrics, to identify geolocation, gender and age from influencer followers who engage with the campaign.

It’s Time To Make A Difference

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