In Modern Retail, Acorn Discusses the Latest Effort to Ban TikTok

Acorn CEO Heather Nichols joins Modern Retail to discuss the potential TikTok ban and what a path forward could look like for agencies and creators.

*The following is a summary of an article originally published by ModernRetail on March 15th, 2024.

In recent years, TikTok has become the go-to platform for brands and retailers looking to connect with Gen Z audiences. But with the app's fate up in the air, creators and companies are strategizing what to do next.

Agencies are leading the charge to help their clients and creators find the least disruptive path forward. Acorn, for example, is advising influencers to try out similar platforms like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts due to its “phenomenal cost-effectiveness,” says Acorn CEO Heather Nichols.

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Modern Retail is a media brand covering the ins and outs of the reinvention of the retail industry. Launched in 2019 by Digiday Media, Modern Retail explains the changes transforming the retail business with honesty, depth and authority. We cover the industry’s nuances, through the digital lens, from Amazon’s strategic shifts and their implications to stores’ recasting as experience meccas and fulfillment centers.

About Acorn
Acorn, an influencer marketing solution from New Engen, is a leading and innovative creator marketing solution that generates genuine relationships between consumers, shoppers, creators, and brands by curating and amplifying actionable content. Their integrated influencer network, technology, and campaign solutions are the choice of more than 50 of the world's leading advertisers, including household names like General Mills, Mondeléz, Coca-Cola & more. From influencer curation to content development, media deployment and measurement, Acorn Influence has developed a seamless process to create maximum impact and drive accountable growth. They drive client satisfaction by anticipating their needs, constantly bringing new opportunities to their attention, and through seamless, agile execution. Their “best in class” recruitment practices, unique tech-enabled solutions, and digital expertise drive impactful storytelling across the full marketing funnel and diverse audiences.

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New Engen is a digital marketing agency driving impact for brands across every phase of the customer journey – maximizing it, measuring it, and repeating it. Through a collective passion for building brands, a relentless desire to challenge the status quo, and deep digital expertise across hundreds of brands and verticals, we put our clients on the cutting edge of what’s possible in digital marketing.

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