6 Reasons Why Authentic Influencer Marketing Attracts Maximum ROI

Many marketers know that influencer marketing attracts higher-quality customers to their business. The return has been so strong that brands are increasing budgets just so they can launch additional influencer campaigns.

Unfortunately there are brands and agencies, who encourage influencer marketing practices that are neither honorable, nor successful in the long-term.

Private Facebook groups that encourage fake engagements, and impressions can make an campaign seem successful when it is not.

This kind of malpractice gives influencer marketing a bad reputation amongst marketers who have discovered falsified metrics during a post-campaign analysis.

At Acorn we think it’s important to discuss some of the ways authentic influencer marketing is creating massive returns for brands, and influencers alike.

1. Genuine Consumer Engagement

The engagement and impressions that are collected through authentic influencer marketing are from genuine people not bots.

Influencers are attracting long-term customers because their audience are already engaged with the topic that an influencer specifies in writing about.

These metrics are trackable through social listening software, which measures when consumers like, share or comment on content.

2. Honest Advertising

FTC disclosure laws ensure that nobody is kept in the dark or tricked into consuming sponsored content. Unlike banner and pop up ads, which can sometimes be deceiving, an influencer must name the brand/company that is paying them for the content. It is then up the the audience to decide whether they the product is worth purchasing.

There is an element of genuine brand advocacy within influencer marketing thanks to influencers who only work with brands who they would personally endorse without payment.

3. Influencer Happiness

One of Acorn’s core values is to foster the relationships we build with our influencers. It’s important to remember that behind the personal brand of an influencer there is a person.

When influencers are treated like real people communication is open, and productivity soars.

Happy influencers are more engaged in campaigns, and are willing to go beyond what was contracted. As a result of our focus on relationships, Acorn has over delivered on content in each campaign, thanks to influencers who wanted to go above, and beyond what was contracted.

4. Ever-green Content

Evergreen content is one of the least known, but most effective, benefits of influencer marketing. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, the content published by good influencers are often ever-green, and repurposable for in-store and digital campaigns.

5. Effective Platforms

According to a study conducted by Tomoson, blogs and Facebook are the most effective outlets for influencer marketing, dwarfing YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.
This is because people prefer to engage with long-form content including high-res photos and conversational stories. Both blogs and Facebook are equipped to handle long-form content that a large audience can engage with.

6. Cost-Effective

In-house influencer marketing rarely works – we know this because we get calls from marketers every day whose businesses tried to take this route, and failed. When brands work with influencer marketing agencies they don’t just get an affordable marketing solution, they actually save money on other (less effective) marketing strategies.

In a recent study conducted by Twitter, it was revealed that influencers rival friends in building consumer trust, which is having a direct impact on sales.