6 Ways To Repurpose Influencer Content

It takes careful planning and time to create quality content. So, it stands to reason that anyone investing in content creation should get maximum value from their investment. 

The content published by influencers is targeted and curated to their specific audience. Influencers who work on your campaign are selected because their audience is also your target audience. This content should be shared across channels to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

These are just some of the ways you can repurpose influencer content to increase the value of your campaign:

1. Republish or share on your social media

Influencers have created beautiful content featuring your brand, so why not showcase it on your own social media channels? There may be people following your brand's accounts who haven't seen the influencer content yet. 

2. Incorporate content in digital ads

Acorn partners with digital media agencies to use influencer generated content in paid media campaigns. Together the teams closely monitor the usage and analytics of the content being used in ads. 

Results from a/b tests have shown that Acorn’s influencer content significantly outperformed non-Acorn media for store promotion, and lifted sales by over 4%.

Influencer content performs so well because it resonates with their audience. The influencers know exactly what kind of photos, messaging and videos work best with the target audience, because they have spent time developing a strong relationship with their followers.

3. Print and offline advertising 

Influencers are expert photographers and videographers, which means the content they're producing is well worth sharing in print and other offline advertising channels. With the rights to share this content, you can put it on banners, catalogues, flyers, and more.

4. Combine to create new content

When you combine the efforts of a campaign's worth of influencer content you can create entirely new and valuable content. An example of this would be to create a cookbook full of influencer-made recipes incorporating your product. 

Before you do this make sure you have the legal rights to reuse the content in this way. Content ownership is dependent on contract you sign with the influencer agency, and/or the influencers themselves. 

5. Pair with influencer testimonials and reviews

After every Acorn campaign we receive feedback from our influencers. Time after time we're thrilled to see that the products weren't just a "job" but a perfect match for them and their audience. 

Brands can capitalize on the genuine love influencers have for their products by asking them to write testimonials and reviews of the products, paired with the beautiful imagery they created from the campaign.

6.  Use content to create product item page experiences

Shoppers want to engage with a brand or product before they make a purchase. That's why more brands than ever are started to showcase influencer content at the digital point of purchase.  

Add influencer content like videos, images, recipes and more to the item page. Brands can inspire consumers to make a purchase by educating them on the product all on the product item page.