6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors have been a part of the advertising world for a very long time. Celebrities, athletes, and other well-known people have put their names and faces to product labels, and commercials for a sum of money considered worthy of the sales they are likely to bring to a business.

Who could forget supermodel Kate Upton’s appearance in the video game ad series for ‘Game of War: Fire Age’?

This 2015 Super Bowl TV spot has over 12 million views on YouTube:

It’s true that the company behind this spectacular marketing campaign set aside over 40 million dollars to pay for the advertising costs, some of which went to Kate Upton herself.

Only the biggest brands have a 40 million dollar budget to hire a supermodel, so what kind of return can you expect if Upton can’t be your brand ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are being born on popular blogs, and social media accounts. The good news? All these influencers have a built-in audience, and if chosen carefully, already love what your brand offers, and will happily talk about it with their fans and followers.

Need some reasons to convince the rest of your marketing department?

1. Brand Ambassadors Already Have An Affinity With Your Products

Brand ambassadors are discovered from social media and online conversation. Using a combination of algorithms, and influencer signups, agencies like Acorn: The Influence Company, create a network of influencers who have a sizable audience and a record for generating content engagement.

Influencers are carefully selected by the Acorn team, based on their affinity with your brand’s target audience. Often they’re already familiar with your products, or your competitor’s products, because they’re experts in a particular area of interest. For example, food bloggers are very familiar with food brands, because they use them frequently in their cooking, and their content.

2. Shared Interests Between Brand Ambassadors And Their Followers

It might go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: brand ambassadors have a large following because what they say is of interest to a large group of people who like what they talk about. Fashion bloggers, makeup vloggers, gamers, runners, moms, they’ve amassed a large following of people who also like and share an interest in fashion, makeup, games, running, child upbringing.

3. Trust in Brand Ambassadors Pushes Consumers Further Along The Path To Purchase

Not only do people trust the word of a brand ambassador who likes the same things they do, they feel more connected to someone who is “just like them”.

Bloggers, and influencers, will expect payment for their endorsements, and the content they create will clearly state that it is sponsored by a brand. That being said, bloggers are unlikely to publish content on their site that they explicitly dislike.

Their audience trusts that they’re reading content that the blogger is personally endorsing, and likes. This endorsement pushes the readers further along the path to purchase, because if the blogger likes it, there’s a strong possibility that they will like the product too.

4. Increase Awareness Of Your Brand With The Right Audience

A brand ambassador’s following is targeted to a particular group with a shared interest. So when they talk about your brand on their blog or social accounts, they’re increasing brand awareness with a following that is more likely to have an interest in your products.

5. Influencer Content Has A Long-Lasting Effect

An influencer’s following is likely to increase over time, which will not only increase exposure every time they mention your product, it will last longer than a paid marketing campaign that goes away after the budget it used up.

Influencers don’t just promote a product. They come up with useful ideas on how to use the product. Followers engage with this useful content, share it with their friends, pin it on Pinterest and come back to it later when they want to try the idea for themselves.

An effective influencer activation generates evergreen content for brands that see returns well beyond the end of a campaign. A contract for 1000 engagements could easily explode into hundreds of thousands in the following months.

6. Brand Ambassadors Can Be Included In Marketing Campaigns Like Celebrities

You’re probably still thinking about that awesome Kate Upton campaign and thinking brand ambassadors can’t have the same exposure and return as she gave to that gaming company.

Some brand ambassadors have such a large following on YouTube, their blogs, or social media accounts, that brands are starting to use them to actively influence their products and marketing. (And it’s not going to cost you $40 million.)

Makeup sensation Carli Bybel has over 5 million followers on YouTube, and over 4 million on Instagram. She has her own website, and blog, but gets the most interaction from her makeup application video tutorials.

Big makeup brands have given her free samples to try, endorsed her videos, and provided discount codes for her followers use when they purchase the products from her website.

When she co-launched a personally branded eyeshadow and highlighter palette with brand, her Instagram post received over 75,000 likes in just 4 hours.

Next Steps

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