4 Ways Influencer Campaigns Are Empowering Data-Driven Marketing

The rapid growth of influencer marketing has given rise to increased competition amongst brands and agencies. Just running a campaign with a handful of well-known social media activists isn’t enough to capture the attention of consumers.

By the end of 2016, US digital ad spending was predicted to hit $72.09 billion, about 37 percent of total ad spend. (Source)
Creativity is a requirement if the brand’s product is to stand out from the crowd.

Often marketing teams on the brand side struggle to find the time to manage the details of a campaign, let alone taking it to the next level with innovative ideas. So they’re turning to influencer agencies like Acorn to help them generate fresh campaigns.

Acorn is at the forefront of innovating its processes to ensure that its client’s target audience isn’t just reached in every single campaign, they are encouraged by the right influencers to make a purchase.

To do this it’s essential to use data-driven marketing to power up influencer campaigns. Here’s how to drive innovative influencer campaigns with data:

4 Ways Influencer Campaigns Are Empowering Data-Driven Marketing

1. Data Informed Influencer Selection

Acorn selects the right influencers, who are the right fit for your brand, to create the right content, at the right time, and in the right place.

Choosing the right influencers for a campaign is essential to a solid campaign foundation. Without the right influencers your messaging could reach the wrong audience, resulting in low to non-existent ROI.

The best solution here is to use a process that involves data collection, data analysis, algorithm-based selection, and human qualitative control to get influencers who match your campaign goals.

2. Campaign Analytics

Social media networks are providing brands and influencers with campaign performance data including information such as Reach, Engagement and Conversions. Unfortunately, they’re not working together, so brands have to pull in that data from each network manually, and process the ROI themselves.

When it comes to influencer marketing this means trying to collect all that data from hundreds of influencers, on all the social networks, for each campaign.

Influencer agencies like Acorn make it easy because not only are they collecting this data on behalf of your brand, they’re able to pull it into one dashboard, put it through quality control and provide the insights to your key stakeholders.

3. Audience Insights

Collecting demographic data is incredibly important for influencer marketing. Not only are you able to ensure your campaign is reaching your target customer, but you can also discover new details about your customer that can be applied to future marketing efforts.

Social media networks have user data that goes beyond gender, age and location. We can learn about their occupation, interests, education, and whether they have children, pets, are married, single or divorced. All of this information can be measured alongside other data sets like census data.

If you learn something new about your target audience, you can then try to use that information in your next campaign, to appeal further to their interests.

4. Intersection of Digital & Traditional Marketing

Working in partnership with a digital media company is essential to delivering in-depth data, and results to our clients across various stages of a campaign.

We know that influencer marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and encourage our clients to re-use content generated by influencers for digital and print media campaigns. We have seen in our own campaigns that influencer content provides increased ROI than that of other content used in banner ads.

Utilizing these partners and strategies allows Acorn to be a top competitor; willing to strategize, create custom plans, and maximize value & ROI for every client and product.

Is Your Brand Truly Data-Driven?

To be truly empowered by data through influencer marketing brands will need to innovate alongside advances in social listening technology, analytics platforms and social networks.

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