Our 4 Step Plan For Launching Your Best Holiday Influencer Campaign

It’s official – there are now less than 100 days until Christmas! But for marketers, the holiday season is already upon us, as we prepare to launch campaigns for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas.

Every year brands compete, hoping their campaign will go viral on social media, and equate to sales. What many people don’t realize is that viral marketing campaigns aren’t always backed by millions of dollars. Often, successful campaigns are backed by influential people who are spreading the word about brands in an affordable, and unique way.

Influencer marketing is simpler than other marketing strategies, but there is still some heavy lifting when it comes to creating, managing and analyzing the campaign. One wrong decision, and the whole campaign could go wrong.

That’s why it’s important to have a plan before you launch your influencer campaign for the holidays. We’ve made it easy – follow this 3 step plan to ensure a successful return from the busiest season of the year.

1. Brainstorm Ideas Without Restriction

Sometimes that big, unattainable number in the distant future, makes marketers fall apart under the stress. Try to forget for a moment that your boss, their boss, and maybe your boss’s boss’s boss is counting on you to reach a sales goal.

Great ideas are born in an open-minded environment. Get your team together in a room, maybe involve your influencer agency too, and come up with the craziest ideas possible for a campaign.

Pro Tip: Unique ideas only! Viral campaigns offer something new to the audience, and the success is not often repeatable.

2. Set Clear Goals & Expectations

Once you have that shortlist of ideas, you should set clear goals and expectations for the campaign.

An influencer agency can help you draft a game plan that includes all the information that influencers will need to know before they get started.

Problems resulting from an influencer marketing campaign usually occur because this step was skipped. An influencer agency needs to know all of the important details before they can be passed down to influencers – that includes high level goals for the campaign, and knowing what marketers want throughout the process.

3. Monitor The Campaign Launch & Progression

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t know what’s happening in your own campaign. Ask your account manager questions, monitor the hashtags that were agreed upon, and consume the content that influencers are producing for your brand.

This is a great way to become more intimate with influencer marketing, and to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Pro Tip: It’s difficult for an individual to manually gauge the success of a campaign. If you feel like something isn’t right you should ask question but wait for the post-campaign report to get numbers.

4. Compare Results To Alternate Strategy Spend

Once the campaign is over and the post-campaign analysis has been delivered, it’s a good time for your team to regroup and think about what was gained through the campaign.

Measure the results against results from other strategies – digital ads, in-store demos, and compare ROI. A holiday influencer campaign can be a little different from campaigns run through the rest of the year. There’s so many brands vying the consumer attention that it’s easy to imagine your content being lost in the noise.

If your campaign did well during the busy season it might be worth considering an influencer campaign for other key events throughout the year.

Pro Tip: All influencer marketing campaigns should be measured by a professional. You do not want to count those pins and retweets by yourself. That’s why at Acorn we use an in-house analyst, and a leading social listening platform to perform post-campaign analysis.