4 Facts About Pinterest Demographics That Marketers Shouldn’t Ignore

Last year Pinterest announced that they have reached a whopping 100 million monthly active users. To put that into perspective these are the most recent user stats for other popular social media networks:
While Pinterest may not be the most popular social network (can anybody knock Facebook from the #1 spot?), it is amongst the top 6 in the world. Pinterest has surpassed Twitter in active users, and is also the biggest social site being predominantly used by women.

Some marketers ignore its importance because their business is not targeted toward a female demographic. This is a big mistake. The social network has grown in popularity amongst other demographics, and is proving a valuable resource in many industries.

Here are 4 reasons to keep your eye on Pinterest demographics so you can make an educated decision on whether Pinterest will play an important part in your next campaign:

Fact #1: Men Are Now Pinterest’s Fastest-Growing Demographic

In November 2014 Pinterest announced that men were their fastest-growing demographic. In fact, in emerging markets sign ups are an even gender split of 50% men and 50% women. (Techcrunch)

As of February 2016, males accounted for 29% of Pinterest’s 100 million active users. (Social Pilot)

Fact #2: Pinterest Attracts Users From All Income Levels

In 2014 there was a significant increase in Pinterest users whose income levels were below $30,000 and above $75,000. The easy-to-use social media platform caters to people of all income levels. (PEW Research Center)

Fact #3: Pinterest Users Have Doubled Since 2012

We mentioned earlier that Pinterest had hit a 100 million user milestone. But did you know that in 2013 they had only 70 million? Alongside Instagram, Pinterest has doubled its usage since 2012, and now counts 31% of online adults amongst its user base.

Fact #4: Half of Pinterest’s Users Are International

According to an article published by Venture Beat, 45% of Pinterest users come from outside of the United States.

Pinterest is extremely popular amongst young people. 34% of online 18-29 year olds, and 28% of 30-49 year olds use Pinterest. But it is the older generation of internet users who have most recently taken to using Pinterest. Between 2013 and 2014 Pinterest saw a growth of 14% in users aged 50-64. This places Pinterest behind just Facebook and LinkedIn for social media usage within the 50-64 year age group.

Want to know more about Pinterest Demographics?

Knowing Pinterest demographics gives you the power to target the right market during advertising campaigns. At Acorn, The Influencer Company, we work with influencers who have extraordinary relationships with large audiences on various social media sites, including Pinterest.

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