3 Factors That Impact Your Social Media Engagement Results

Engagement is a good performance indicator when it comes to measuring the success or failure of your marketing campaign. It’s also a metric that marketers struggle most to influence directly as they invest resources into content, paid ads, and promotions.

According to research from the University at Buffalo School of Management, social media posts with the highest levels of engagement, including likes, comments and shares, had the greatest impact on consumer spending. Retailers who published highly engaging posts on social media also benefited with greater in-store sales.

This tells us that more than ever before marketers need to focus on boosting engagement if they hope to see great ROI from campaigns.

Here are 3 things you should focus on to boost your social media engagement numbers:

Quality of visuals

Never underestimate the power of high quality graphics. Visual elements play an important role in activating engagement, and driving sales.

  • Images stick in the audiences mind longer, and more vividly than text.
  • Images evoke emotions and memories that directly drive the impulse for engagement.
  • Images can tell a story about your product.
  • Over time, images can help you build trust and credibility
  • High quality, engaging visuals
Acorn’s influencers publish high-resolution photos that put products and brands front and center.

The resolution of images on social media sites is particularly important on image-driven sites like Pinterest, and Instagram, but also vital to the success of content on other sites like Facebook, and Twitter.

Relevance of content to your audience and the campaign

The best marketing campaigns carry a simple, strong and clear message for the brand. To see measurable results, it’s vital for marketers and influencers alike to produce content that supports the message.

Influencers create content that resonates with their audience. They know exactly what kind of photos, messaging and videos work best with the target audience, because they have spent time getting to know them and what works best.

Acorn produces the highest ROI from its campaigns by only recruiting influencers capable of delivering relevant content to their audience that meets campaigns requirements set by the brand.

Optimized publishing schedule

Timing of social posts is directly tied to engagement. Publishing during a time when your audience isn’t around to see it can result in lower engagement. The number of times you publish content can also affect engagement.

So when is the best time to publish? That depends on several factors:

  • When your audience is most active online (Morning, Afternoon or Evening)
  • Audience demographics
  • The social network you are publishing on (Each has different algorithms, with different audiences, and varying times for best performance).
Using a social media scheduling tool that tracks performance can help you determine the best time to publish on each network. Social media networks also track performance metrics, and offer suggestions on the best time to publish content using data from previous posts.

Next Steps

To next steps to kicking off your influencer marketing campaign will be unique to your business’ specific needs.

Acorn Influence has had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest, and best, brands in the world. Our case studies page features examples of how influencer marketing is providing true ROI for agencies, and brands alike.