2 Surprising Benefits Brands Get From Influencer Activation

Most businesses are aware of the benefits that an influencer activation can bring to their brand:

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Brand Authenticity
  • Campaign Support
  • Sales
  • Community Engagement
  • Increased ROI for less $

And those are just to name a few!

But there are some surprising benefits that brands might not know about when they’re shopping around for an influencer company.

We’re big advocates for transparency so we put together a list of the top 2 benefits that brands will get from influencer activation so they can get the most from their next campaign.

1. Repurposable Influencer Content

Producing great content is one of the most difficult challenges marketers have to face on a daily basis. It has to be engaging, unique, and targeted to the audience you’re trying to reach. It also demands a certain level of creativity that can try even the most talented marketer.

To solve this problem marketers have attempted to outsource content creation to digital agencies who have the capacity to deliver professional campaign materials. But marketers are still faced with the problem of trying to draw attention and engagement to this content.

Enter influencer content.

Professional influencers create content for a living, they have proven the value of their creations with their large following, and they often publish about specific topics.
The quality of content influencers produce rivals professionals and at the fraction of the cost.

Watch this incredible time-lapse video produced by influencer Sugar Bee Crafts:
After a campaign most influencers are happy for brands to repurpose their content in future content marketing opportunities. (Banner ads, catalogues, and social media to name a few.)

2. Authentic Evergreen Content That Keeps On Giving

Another benefit that brands don’t realize they get from influencer activation is evergreen content. Evergreen content is defined by its long-lasting value to readers. The content remains highly relevant over a long period of time and ticks all the SEO boxes.

Content created by influencers has a good chance of becoming evergreen because it’s authentic and relevant to their followers.

Influencers don’t just promote a product. They come up with useful ideas on how to use the product. Followers engage with this useful content, share it with their friends, pin it on Pinterest and come back to it later when they want to try the idea for themselves.
An effective influencer activation generates evergreen content for brands that see returns well beyond the end of a campaign. A contract for 1000 engagements could easily explode into hundreds of thousands in the following months.

What Other Benefits Can You Get From Influencer Activation?

It’s important to know everything you can about influencer marketing before you get your brand involved. It’s a brand new space that’s evolving quickly. In this article we’ve talked about 2 of the more unknown benefits of influencer activation.

But there’s a lot more!

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