12 Social Media Facts & Stats That Will Amaze You

While we’re all experts at our favorite platforms, it’s important for power users and marketers to understand the true impact it’s making on users as a society, as consumers and as advertisers.

We’ve selected some of the most amazing and impactful social media facts and stats to share in the hope that they will make you stop, think, and hopefully change the way you interact with social content.

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12 Social Media Facts & Stats That Will Amaze You

1. 95% of online adults aged between 18-34 are most likely follow a brand via social networks. – MarketingSherpa

2. 99% expect a response when mentioning a brand on social media and are disappointed when they don’t get one. – Axonn

If you text a friend with a question you want a swift reply. People want brands to respond to them on social media. Some industries like phone companies, airlines and emergency non-profits see a high influx of questions, and feedback through social media. Brands need to keep up with them to satisfy their customers.

3. 80% of all Pinterest pins are actually repins. – WERSM

Pins on Pinterest have the longest “second-life” of any social media content. Unlike a Tweet or a Facebook post that quickly disappears after less than 24 hours, pins can are more likely to be evergreen, showing up in feeds for months, and sometimes years. Evergreen content is defined by its long-lasting value to readers. The content remains highly relevant over a long period of time and ticks all the SEO boxes.

4. 77% of people follow at least 1 brand on social media. But 56% of them have unfollowed a brand for posting boring salesy content. – Axonn

Brands and social media power users have been quick to realize that nobody enjoys advertisements. They don’t get engagement, and often leave a bad impression on the audience.

5. Myspace has 55 million monthly active users. – WSJ

Yes… really.

6. 52% of online adults use 2 or more social media sites. (2012-2014) – Pew Research Center

Along with finding Facebook as the most popular social media site (a claim they still own in 2017), the Pew Research Center found that multi-platform use was on the rise as users enjoyed unique features from more than one social network.

7. Over 50% of WeChat and Snapchat users are Mobile Shoppers. – GlobalWebIndex

It’s not often that WeChat is brought up as a tool for brands to engage with customers but it’s clearly a lost opportunity when so many of them are actively shopping on their mobile devices.

8. There were over 4.4 million videos uploaded directly to Facebook in February 2016, generating over 199 billion views. – ReelSEO

Video continues to rise in engagement and popularity with the continued advancement of live streaming technology, and multi-platform adoption.

9. 88% of active Twitter users are on mobile. – Growing Social Media

Twitter’s UI and UX is one of the best in the social networking world – it’s easy to create and publish content, and most importantly to share it with the world. Their Twitter Live feature has become an essential tool for engaging with live events in entertainment, sports and most recently, politics.

10. The average YouTube mobile viewing session lasts more than 40 minutes. – YouTube

This might be one of the most important social media facts on this list. 40 minutes is well beyond the current attention span for most social media users (8 seconds!). To have the continued attention of an audience for 40 minutes is an opportunity brands must explore.

YouTube’s power users (influencers, and celebrities, with large audience numbers) are wielding enormous marketing power for brands who contract them for sponsored content.

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11. Instagram posts tagged with another user (56%) or location (79%) have significantly higher engagement rates – Simply Measured

Tagging with another user and a location makes the content more discoverable to a larger audience. You can read more by downloading Simply Measured’s Instagram guide.

12. 90% of brands who have an influencer strategy are partnering with influencers on Instagram. – Digiday

Influencers are attracting long-term customers because their audience are already engaged with the topic that an influencer specifies in writing about. The audience trusts the bloggers opinion. In terms of ROI, engagements are more likely to turn into sales than impressions.

Why Instagram? It’s become the platform of choice for Millennials, and Gen Z to learn about the latest products (through their favorite influencer, celeb, or friend), and share real-life content on how they’re using the products in their own lives.

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