101 Popular Instagram Hashtags For Every Type Of Blogger

There’s millions of hashtags being used on Instagram but they are not equally valuable to bloggers. The engagement you’ll receive from a hashtag depends on the size of your following and the number of posts being published with that hashtag.

If a hashtag is being used thousands of times a day, your content will drop very quickly from “Most Recent” and out of sight. You can always try to get into the “Top Posts” section, which relies more on a huge follower base seeing the content in their feed and engaging with the post, rather than new users engaging through a hashtag search.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you use less popular hashtags, you’re not going to see much engagement.

The secret is to use hashtags that are popular but not too popular. Experiment with the hashtags below to see which ones get you the best authentic engagement.

Feel free to use them in combination, but remember too many hashtags can also be detrimental to your message and potentially flag you as a spammer. You can use up to 30 hashtags in one post, but it’s better for clarity and maximum engagement, if you limit it to 12 hashtags.

Using hashtags is an important part of every blogger’s social media strategy. We’ve identified 101 popular Instagram hashtags for every type of blogger.

The numbers listed beside the hashtag will tell you how many times it’s been used on Instagram. “M” means “million”. Click on the hashtag to see posts on Instagram using that tag.

Fashion Bloggers

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  1. #foodporn 141M
  2. #instafood 99M
  3. #healthyfood 35.50M
  4. #nomnom 12M
  5. #foodblogger 13.75M
  6. #foodies 10.69M
  7. #vegansofig 9.81M
  8. #onthetable 5.23M
  9. #foodlovers 4.94M
  10. #foodstyling 4.69M
  11. #foodoftheday 3.06M
  12. #recipes 2.59M
  13. #tastingtable 1.04M

Fitness Bloggers

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