10 Tips For Hosting An Unforgettable Twitter Party

Twitter parties are all the rage with brands right now, and if you’re not holding one, odds are you’ve at least stumbled your way into one. Unlike the parties you attended in college, Twitter parties are held virtually on Twitter by brands, and individuals wanting to host a discussion for a specified amount of time.

The best Twitter parties are ones that are well-organized, and work within Twitter’s character limitations. If you’re interested in hosting an unforgettable Twitter party these tips will help you get it right the first time round:

1/ Make A Short, Sweet & Memorable Hashtag

You can’t have a Twitter party without a memorable hashtag. Remember that hashtags count toward your 140 character limit so the shorter the better. You might want to do some Twitter searches ahead of time so that you don’t accidentally use a hashtag that is already in use by another brand or individual.

Hashtags are what bind a Twitter party attendees together. They’re a bit like the address on a party invitation. Without the address how will you attend the party? When individuals start using a hashtag, rather than needing to follow each person that’s attending, you can simply search for the chosen hashtag.

Learn how to create a memorable hashtag using tips we published here.

2/ Promote your Twitter Party

Don’t just promote your Twitter party on Twitter. Why not share it with your followers on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest? Got an email list? Share it with them too! Twitter parties are a great opportunity to get new followers.

Important facts to add to your Twitter party invite:

– Hashtag
– Time (include time zone!)
– Day
– Your Twitter Handle (i.e. @AcornInfluence)

Encourage your twitter followers to share the invite with their own followers.

3/ Create a Purpose For Your Twitter Party

When you invite people to a party it’s usually for a purpose (aka wine and cheese night). Have a very clear idea of why you’re hosting a Twitter party.

Some ideas:

– Is it to market a new product?
– Do you want to perform market research?
– Are you interested in creating discussion about your brand?
– A get-to-know-you session between influencers and their audience?

Whatever it is don’t go to the party blindfolded. Have a plan for guiding your Twitter party in the direction that you want it to go. The more attendees you have, the harder it will be to maintain control over the conversation. A strong, authoritative, schedule will help you here.

4/ Prepare Questions, Comments, and Stick To Them

The best Twitter parties have a strong structure. You’re the host, tweeters will be looking for cues from you on how to engage with the hashtag you have chosen, and the other attendees.

The best way to drive engagement on social media is to ask people to share their opinions. Ask questions relating to your goal.

If you were a brand selling halloween costumes for toddlers, ask your Twitter party attendees which costume is their favorite. Some Tweeters might be fast enough to share some pics! Then ask them what their dream costume would be. Voila you’re already conducting market research, and you’re 2 questions into your Twitter party!

5/ Use Traditional Methods For Question-Answer Engagement

In a Twitter Party the preferred method for keeping track of the latest question asked, and the response given is to use Q1 and A1.

Q stands for Question, followed by the number of the question. Attendees will then respond to the given question with an A (answer) and the number of the question.

So, if they were responding to your fourth question (Q4), they will preface their tweet with A4.

6/ Enforce Time Restrictions

Drive conversation as the host but enforce time limitations for each question and comment so that you can stick to your allocated time slot.

Your Twitter party can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 60 minutes. Set your start and end time before you begin, and don’t let your Twitter party drag on.

5-10 minutes per question is reasonable. If you’re asking your attendees to publish photos give them more time. Remember to keep driving engagement. A Twitter party is as successful as the number of replies, favorites and retweets a hashtagged tweet gets.

Pro Tip: You don’t need to tell people time is up. Simply publish the next question. People will know it’s time to move on.

7/ Engage with Tweets, Share Your Favorites

A retweet is a powerful action. Not only do you agree with what the person said, but you want to share it with all your friends and followers. During your Twitter party bestow the honor of a retweet onto attendees with quirky, fun, interesting replies.

Bonus points: You get free advertisement for your hashtag by retweeting their response, AND you show off the success of your Twitter party, and your brand.

8/ Let Conversations Flow Naturally

Successful Twitter parties often spark lengthy conversation between attendees. If you’ve done your job and given them interesting questions or comments for points of discussion then let talk naturally as you continue on following the schedule of your party.

Remember the host of a birthday party doesn’t have a place in every single conversation that takes place during the event.

9/ Throw Regular Twitter Parties. Create a Twitter Party Calendar

Try new topics and hold Twitter parties on a regular basis to get really good at being an social media party host. Twitter parties held weekly, or fortnightly (every 2 weeks) will continue to drive engagement for your brand, and establish your Twitter account as an authority in your chosen industry.

Frequent Twitter Party hosts create a calendar for their events so that followers can know ahead of time when a topic that interests them will be discussed on Twitter.

10/ Have Fun and Get Feedback

Don’t worry if your first Twitter party doesn’t go to plan. It takes some time to get the hang of things, and your attendees will likely have had a good time if engagement was high.

Take notes on your experience, and write a list of things you’d do differently next time. Ask attendees for advice and feedback.

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