Meet Acorn

We work closely with influencers and brands to communicate their message in a way that informs, delights, and motivates consumers.

Our Story

Acorn Influence gets its name from the acorn, a nut produced by oak trees known for their impressive strength, size and longevity.
A single oak can produce millions of acorns in its lifetime, of which only a small percentage ever get the right combination of moisture and sunlight to grow into their own majestic tree.

Just like the rare, flourishing acorn, it takes the right elements to create a memorable message that stands out from the noise. Consumer engagement with promotional content is inspired by authenticity - which only comes from pairing the right influencers, with the right brand, and the right audience.

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Influence with a personal touch.

What Makes Us Different.

Emerging Influencer Identification

We're always tracking and recruiting up-and-coming influencers to join the Acorn influencer network.


Selection based on relevance, quality and influence that factors in set and client customized KPIs. We match influencers to meet the specific needs of your campaign.


Our curated influencer network of thousands represent 25+ niches, and reach millions of people through their channels.


Once invited to a program, an influencer has the opportunity to outline their ideas to ensure programs have a variety of creative content.


Experience allows us to align with retailer's specific programs and initiatives to maximize value to shoppers and retail customers.

Meet The Team

About Myra

Myra Dallas
Chief Executive officer

About John

John Miller
Chief financial officer

About Katie

Katie Duke
Chief Operations officer

About Heather

Heather Nichols
Chief Revenue Officer

About Brenda

Brenda Maxwell
Vice President, Client Services

About Lane

Lane coleman
Vice President, sales

About Hunter

Hunter Poole
Vice President sales

About Melissa

Melissa Fears
Director of strategy

About Matt

matt luker
Lead software engineer

About Joey

Joey Cardosi
Senior software engineer

About Brittany

Brittany Vaughan
 Account Supervisor

About Bayli

bayli mahler
account supervisor
Haley Roberts

About Haley

Haley Roberts
Sales Manager

About Jessica

Jessica Denney
sales manager

About Courtney

Courtney Kissinger
Senior Account manager

About Chase

Chase gorgas-coonrod
Senior account manager

About Kelsey

kelsey george
senior account manager

About Alana

alana whatley
account manager

About Britt

Brittany sackman
account manager

About Jesse

jesse essner
account manager

About Becca

becca mosler
account manager

About Christina

Christina Gjelsten
Junior Account Manager

About Jasmine

Jasmine conley
Junior Account Manager

About Rebekah

Rebekah Mills
Business Strategist

About Zach

Zach Foster
Business Strategist

About Katie

katie kocak
business strategist

About Jared

jared collins
Account specialist

About Heather

heather hodge
Account specialist

About Jordan

Jordan Carpenter
Account specialist

About Miranda

miranda steczak
account specialist

About MK

mk Clark
Account Coordinator

About Katelyn

katelyn collison
account coordinator

About Weibin

Weibin lin
Account Coordinator

About Leah

Leah Nelson
account coorDinator

About Mika

Mika Polumbo
account coordinator

About Taylor

taylor sparks
Account Coordinator

About Shelby 

shelby sue stamps
account coordinator

About Breanne

breanne o'dell
account coordinator

About Sara

sara tough
account coordinator

About Caroline

caroline crawford
account coordinator

About Leslie

Leslie duke
account coordinator

About Meagan

Meagan Launius
account coordinator

About Caroline

caroline chumley

About Maricruz

maricruz garcia

About Caroline

caroline lind

About Jeremy

Jeremy Wilson
chairman, Acorn board of directors

About Doug

Doug Degn
Acorn Board Of Directors

About John

John Sheehy
Acorn Board Of Directors

Our Values

Meaningful Relationships

We enable meaningful relationships between brands, influencers and their audience. 

Listening To Understand

Ongoing communication ensures all stakeholders are aligned on our client’s goals.

Keep Moving

We provide the insights to help you connect and engage with the right audiences.

Keep It Real, Keep It Simple

Behind campaigns are real people sharing your brand’s story with engaging content. Acorn handles the complexities of influencer marketing with simplicity and humanity.

Celebrate The Art Of Storytelling

Our influencers are creatives who connect & record life’s moments with content. We encourage this passion by pairing them with opportunities to tell new stories.