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About Us

Acorn Influence, a New Engen company, is a leading and innovative creator marketing solution that generates genuine relationships between consumers, shoppers, creators, and brands by curating and amplifying actionable content. We drive client satisfaction by anticipating their needs, constantly bringing new opportunities to their attention, and through seamless, agile execution.


Our “best in class” recruitment practices, unique tech-enabled solutions, and digital expertise drive impactful storytelling across the full marketing funnel and diverse audiences.

What You Can Expect

Open Network & RFPs

Unlimited creator pool with RFP selection vs. job posting board. Tap into Acorn’s “ecosystem” of creators to find the perfect fit for your campaign goals.

PitchbackS & The Why

Creators provide a variety of unique content ideas for client review and approval. Acorn's selection team also includes insight and rationale for why they would be a good fit.

Customization & Transparency

Customized plan to fit your brand’s goals and objectives. Activations that work across multiple social platforms, with deep targeting through 3rd party data segments and custom media strategies.

Content Usage Rights

Full usage rights to all content in perpetuity. Repurpose for retailer brand pages, digital vendor partnerships, brand social channels, etc.

Measurement & Partnerships

Work across various vendors to measure program impact and repurpose creator content for additional tactics.

Proprietary Client Portal

The Acorn portal provides real-time data on campaign progress, such as creator stats, audience demographics, content reviews, and campaign performance. There’s a comprehensive post-analysis report at the conclusion of each campaign, and access to all historical content to download for future use.

Our Values


We act with integrity, humility, and altruism inside and outside our company. We promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in every aspect of our business. We cultivate a safe workplace where everyone feels respected, engaged, and able to reach their full potential.


We take pride in our work, holding ourselves to a high standard of executional excellence. We continually work to expand our skills and master our craft. Our approach sets a precedent and reverberates throughout our always-changing industry, inspiring adaptation.


We start with “what is possible?” instead of being stuck in scarcity. We embrace challenges and welcome feedback as opportunities to improve. We find joy in the process and are fueled by curiosity. We aren’t afraid to take calculated risks or operate in ambiguity, recognizing that imperfection is a part of progress.


We give and receive feedback with courage, openness, and empathy. We do the right thing, even when it’s hard. We aim to understand (not judge) and teach (not take over). Our feedback is empirical and focuses on behaviors and outcomes.


We believe in what we are building and put the team first in order to accomplish our shared goals. We reject apathy and cynicism and do everything to help each other win. Being All In is not about the hours we log, nor does it mean we agree on every decision. It’s a mentality of common purpose that guides us.

Our Leadership

Heather Nichols

My first car was a 1970 VW Bug convertible, canary yellow. My dad rebuilt it for me before I turned 16.

JOhn Miller
EVP, Corporate strategy

When I was a little, I won a Lunchables sweepstakes. I don't even remember what the prize was, but I remember being the coolest kid in class for about a week.

ALI Smith
SR. Vice president Sales

I can mountain bike and was a Razorback cheerleader at the University of Arkansas.


Melissa Fears
Vice President Client Success

I came in 2nd place in a Limbo contest at the Elks Lodge!

Kelly Dye
Vice President Product & Innovation

I do a wicked Björk impression at karaoke to the song "It's Oh So Quiet".

Candice Gray
Vice President, Sales

I studied anthropology and focused on Middle Eastern archaeology. My field school was in Syria.

Hunter Poole

I am an ordained minister! Hit me up for all of your wedding needs :).

Lane Coleman

My degree from the University of Arkansas is actually a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design... And not too long ago, I owned a store on the square in Fayetteville called Fuller's Furnishings and Florals.

Courtney Kissinger
Director of Paid Media

I have a 3yr old mini-me (my sweet/sassy daughter)

Rebekah Mills
associate director of Strategy

I was on a traveling, performance jump rope team when I was a kid!


Emily Emrickson-Frantzen
Associate director of Strategy

I'm an only child & grew up traveling with my parents. I've been to Disney World over 20 times.

Nick Walton
Media Analytics Manager

I hate fun facts.

Bayli Mahler
Associate director

 "My quarantine hobby was becoming a beekeeper (don't ask how I got there). I'm now the proud foster mom of 20K bees and counting."

Brittany Vaughan
Associate director

"I received the Acorn positivity award once. It just so happened to be two weeks after I got Botox. Fellow RBF people, there is a cure."

Ally HaAg
Associate director

Given any karaoke opportunity, you'll find me belting Celine Dion (and not well, I might add).

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