Choose Your Impact: Brand Advocacy vs. Influencer Activation

Social media marketing can feel like losing the same bet over and over again. It’s a crowded space with lots of metrics and an invisible audience. Rather than spending valuable budget on a bet, brands are looking for a solution to connect their dollars to real engagements, from real consumers.

There are several tactics marketers use today but picking the one with the biggest impact will save you time and money.

We’re going to deep dive into two valuable strategies so you can invest your marketing dollars wisely with the choice that works best for your brand:

Brand Advocacy

What is it?

  • A brand advocate is someone who loves your product, service or brand so much that they want to talk about it with others.
  • They talk about your product, without being solicited, to their friends, family and sometimes strangers.
  • They share their opinions in various mediums including word-of-mouth, social media, forums, reviews and blogs.

Why You Should Do It

Brand advocacy projects a strong endorsement and trust in your products. This is perfect for campaigns geared toward brand or product recognition.

There are various ways to get an advocate involved with your brand:

1. Design a marketing campaign that encourages advocates to get involved and share their brand love with other consumers.

2. Encourage them to publish product reviews, which act as a form of validation for their brand when the feedback is positive.

A brand advocate already trusts your brand and is willing to be involved because they’re motivated by their experience rather than incentives.

Although brand advocates may not have the biggest audience, the people they tell are likely to trust them, either because they’re personally familiar with the advocate and know why the advocate prefers your product over another.

Influencer Activation

What is It?

  • Influencers have established their own audience with blogging, social media or another content marketing activity.
  • Most influencers specialize in a specific topic such as food, fashion, fitness, being a mom or an educator. Influencers can publish about other subjects but their follower base is built on the primary topics they write about.
  • Brands connect with influencers using companies like Acorn to help them amplify a product in a marketing campaign. We call this “influencer activation”.
  • Influencers are paid to create and share content on behalf of the brand. Usually the campaign revolves around a specific product or service but can be part of general brand awareness.

Why You Should Do It

It is becoming more difficult for brands to connect with consumers using traditional marketing tactics. Their social media ads are not delivering enough engagements to make the spend worth significant portions of their budget.

Influencers are passionate about delivering interesting and engaging content to their followers. They stake their reputation on successful participation in a campaign.

Many brands have already seen the huge success of influencer activation in campaigns run by Acorn Influence. The campaigns deliver more engagements than traditional ad spend and often continue to drive impressions beyond the end of the campaign.